Running a Profitable Business Using QuickBooks 2016

By Chemeketa SBDC

A profitable business with improper cash flow can mean the death of a business.  Join us to review important topics you need to know for cash flow management and analysis.
Each class is on a Thursday morning from 8:30 to 11:30 am in the Computer Lab at Chemeketa’s Small Business Development Center. Each sessions costs $149. Join us for a hands-on, practical class using QuickBooks 2016.
Thursday, April 20
QuickBooks – Understanding Cash Flow
Why am I profitable but have no cash? This session will cover:
 Understand Financial Statements
 Analyzing the Cash Flow Statement
 Choosing Profitable Tactics for Cash Flow
Thursday, April 27
QuickBooks – Estimating and Invoicing
How can estimating improve cash flow in your business? This session will cover:
 Estimating Job Revenue & Expenses
 Invoicing & Collecting for Work Done
 Tracking Jobs for Better Decisions
Thursday, May 11
QuickBooks – Receivables & Payables
How can I manage receivables and payables profitably? This session will cover:
 Setting Up Customer & Vendor Records
 Tracking Receivables & Payables Effectively
 Collecting Receivables
Thursday, May 25
QuickBooks – Tracking Time & Payroll
How do I pay employees and payroll taxes on time and legally? This session will cover:
 Setting Up Payroll & Employee Records
 Paying Employees & Payroll Taxes Accurately and on Time
 Tracking and Billing Time Worked
Thursday, June 8
QuickBooks – Inventory Management
How can I manage inventory and not let it manage me? This session will cover:
 Setting Up Items for Detailed Information
 Purchasing & Selling Items Effectively
 Tracking & Adjusting Inventory without Overwork
Thursday, June 15
QuickBooks – Reports
How can I get accurate and timely feedback on results? This session will cover:
 Using Standing Reports for Management, Investors, and Lenders
 Creating Customized Reports for Management
Thursday June 22
QuickBooks – Budgeting
How can I plan for the future and track my results? This session will cover:
 Using QuickBooks only
 Using Spreadsheets & QuickBooks
 Tracking Results Compared to Budget
Date: Thursdays, April 20 – June 22
Time: 8:30 to 11:30 am
Location: Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry, 626 High Street NE, Downtown Salem
Cost: $149 each session
Registration and Information: 503.399.5088

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