Classroom Activities to Excite Kids About the Future

It’s never too early to get kids excited about the next steps in their academic journey – be it college or a trade school So how do you get kids pumped up about their next steps?
Today on, new contributing writer James Paterson looks at some creative classroom activities that will surely get kids excited about what comes next in school.
Why do we need to get younger kids interested in college? James quotes Brian Cook. “If you get them interested early, there is a better chance they’ll have a plan and follow through,” says Cook, who has written on the topic and also teaches at nearby Salisbury University, and often connects his student to that fast-growing campus.
James’ ideas for getting kids excited about the future include:
Encourage Parents
Get Them Thinking
Take a Trip
And More!
James sums up his article like this, in a paragraph called Paint a Picture. “At any age, it will help to quell fears and build excitement if you can show students what college is really like – and that many people consider it the best time of their lives. There are sites online where you can design a dorm room and plenty of schools offer virtual tours of their campus, like Towson University, which has students show prospects around on YouTube. “Check out social media pages as many colleges are active on Twitter, Instagram, and even will do Facebook Live videos about what’s happening on their campus,” says Allerman, who notes that students should know the range of options. “They can look at colleges with airports, technical schools, art or music conservatories, big sports teams or no sports teams, fraternities and sororities, work options, outdoor adventure classes and activities and other specialties. Show them and make it exciting.”

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