Dealing with Unsupportive Colleagues in the Teaching Profession


Dealing with Unsupportive Colleagues in the Teaching Profession

Quite often in the teaching profession, we are confronted with a difficult colleague. He or she might not be a team player, or might not be a good listener.
In today’s centerpiece article on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox tackles the tough question about how to  deal with an unsupportive colleague in the teaching profession, and how you can overcome the difficulties associated with him or her. Janelle should know – she’s a seasoned elementary school educator based on the East Coast.
How does Janelle recommend we deal with hard cases in the Teaching Profession? She begins by exploring what the root of their difficulties may be, including jealousy, insecurity, and seniority.
She then expands a larger section of today’s article examining how to deal with them, including being mindful and focusing on students.
Janelle sums up her article like this: “Teachers are knowledgeable, and we use that knowledge to help our students who aren’t getting along with one another. If we can take the time to help our students learn to be supportive with one another, then we can the time to do the same for our colleagues.”
How do you deal with an unsupportive colleague in your school? Have you ever had a bad experience in the teaching profession? Please share with us in the comment section of the article, we would love for you to share your stories with us.
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