Effect of parent’s conflicts on children

We all know that due to parents conflicts children also suffer a lot. Then also it is necessary to know that how these conflicts are harmful for children so that these conflicts are properly addressed by parents or family.

Any home is not free from conflicts pr arguments and every children sees parents arguing with each other. According to researchers if children see that they calmly and positively solving their disagreements and problems then it doesn’t have any negative effect on children. Infact, children learn conflict resolution skills and also use them in their lives and relationships.

If conflicts are frequent and it involves verbal insults, raised voice or when parents become physically agressive or when they withdraw themselves from argument and give each other a silent treatment or when conflict seems to threaten the intactness of family then it will be harmful for children.

According to the research, children show distress when parents fight, from a very early age. Their reaction can include fear, anxiety and there are a high risk of variety of health problems like disturbed sleep, difficulty in paying attention, performing good in school and due to which they become aggressive or internalize it in the form of depression, anxiety, withdrawal and dysphoria.

In research, it is also shown that children having high conflict at their homes are more likely to have poor interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities and social competence. It also have s negative impact on the romantic relations in adoloscences and adulthood as high conflict relations of one couple can produce negative relationships in next generation too.

These conflicts also have a negative impact on the parenting style of parent due to which it become harmful for the children. Parents who are in high conflict relations are more involved in agression, shouting, hitting etc, which may harm children.

Children experience physiological reactions related to stress which may harm their brain development. Parental conflict also have a varietal impacts depending on the age, sex and temperament of the child. Sibling relationship, attachment to the parents and socioeconomic pressure also impact how child react to conflicts.

So it is very important to notice what are you doing and how are you behaving infront of the child. Try not to argue infront of the child and if you are arguing or sometimes it happens by mistake always show your child, how positively you are solving that. Children are very sensitive so try not to do such things in front of the child which hurt them or lead to a negative impact on their development.

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