It is an age when we have forgotten our old songs. Remixing songs aware us of their existence and creates a trend that connects youngsters with early memories. Old is gold and old songs are golden songs for people of those days and many youngsters of current times. Old songs had a blend of emotions, story, love and pain. It is argued that mixes of today are feeling less’. Remixes are songs that are modified from original versions by editing or by totally recreating a song. They say that mixing destroys originality of songs and the beauty that comes with it. But as time change, culture and taste of people also change.

Many believe that nothing could symbolize more freedom and enjoyment when people dance freely on remixes. The youth finally accepts that it is thewing demand of time and when they enjoy it, why should we even talk about the trend being wrong? It is the era where we have so many options to choose from, and when people are offered variety, they can either choose to pick it up for themselves or ignore. People have the right to share their opinion, but they do not have the right to tell others not to listen.

There are strong arguments that these kinds of music deteriorate our culture. Also, do we have the liberty to take a song and mix it? It should be noted that it is creating a competitive environment in the music industry to create better and ‘connecting with people’ music that can bring people together to enjoy. One genre of a song gets shaped into other genres, and that is the growth of the same song. It becomes reachable to people who like only a particular genre. A song that is remixed after obtaining consent from ‘copywrites’ owner cannot be wrong and cannot be called stealing. The owner has the biggest say on it, and when it is permitted, it cannot be held illegal.

Many people are creating employment for themselves and others using their creativity to mix songs with their beats. Everyone has the right to do what they want, and this trend gives a platform to people to showcase their creative musical side. When people are dancing to the beats of remixes, then it shows acceptance of this culture.

There are two sides to this trend in reality. On one side old songs are being remixed, but they are just handful in number, the other side of this trend is overpowering the former side as new songs are being mixed and presented and they are a hit amongst people. DJs are the reason that brought this trend in the fore. Mixes that are being done by DJs are creating a ‘Night Life’.

Club music scenario is changing; international DJs are visiting India and performing, therefore increasing the appeal of Musical India in the modern world. Many music forms have been drawn out of obscurity by artists as they choose to remix things while preserving the originality of songs.

I am also of the opinion that when excessive glamour is added to a song’s video when it is remixed, that may spoil the beauty of a sober song and when abuse and slangs are infused in them, then it is definitely ‘not right’ if not wrong. There have been many great musicians and singers who come forward and remix songs, strictly keeping in mind that they communicate a sound message, feeling or emotion through it. Their intention is commendable, and people tend to like it. Lastly, a trend is all about choice, if we want it we get on the bandwagon. If we don’t, we ignore. So, we must not tag a trend as being immoral or ethical. If a pattern is there, then it is there because people are endorsing it and that itself states that it is selling.

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