Why can’t I control my anger?

I know that I don’t become angry most of the time. But when I become I become mad. Today me and my father went for his hospital checkup and I am so frustrated to finish it quickly. I blame myself for being so irresponsible for acting insane. Why can’t I control anger at that particular moment and try to regret it later. One thing I understood today is never ever regret yourself regarding parents.

My father asked me to turn the bike right side to fill up the petrol. I got so angry and turned it left and went for a kilometre. My father repeatedly asked me to stop the bike. After a while either some one inside me or real me stopped it and handed over the bike to my father and waited there for my father to return back after filling petrol. I don’t know why I did it, but it’s me who did it and it’s me who is trying to blame myself. I later realised that, that was wrong. The only question I have is why can’t I realise before it’s happening. I don’t have work and got frustrated for such a small thing. The only thing he expected from me is a little time. I can provide it in a right way but I didn’t.

Everything happens for a reason. May be this happened to me inorder to make me realise. I hope atleast I try to be cool and never become frustrated. Anyhow Some love deep inside me towards him make me do what he wills me to do. But I become angry before doing it. I gain nothing by becoming such. I should be calm before speaking to my parents and never make them feel sad for becoming mad at that moment.

Can we control our feelings before expressing it? I want it, not only me everyone want to control their feelings. Doing wrong things and regretting it later is common these days. Try not to repeat what is repeated again and again. Thinking before acting is just a thinking. Have conscious over your speech. Words once spoken can’t be taken back. Words are powerful than swords. So don’t use them on your parents. Parents are parents whether you like it that way or not. Be patient towards your parents. Respect them, spend time with them because the time you are spending now is also given by them.

Happiness is not being happy but seeing your parents happy and making them feel happy. Atleast don’t make them feel sad if you can’t make them happy. If you can’t become the reason for their smile atleast try not to become the reason for their sorrow. Being good children to your parents is as tough as being a good father to your children. Try to be good child if you wanna become good parent. Everyone will realise the importance of being good children when children become parents. Being in that position makes everyone realise. But try to realise before it’s too late. Be a good child to your parents and be a good parent to your parents when they are in their old age.