It’s just a bad day,not a bad life

My name hasn’t been shortlisted for the final round of an interview in a reputed company while many of my friends got selected. To be frank I am not at all happy and trying to be happy because if I try to be sad then I can’t be happy. I am happy for my friends but at the same time I am sad for myself. Trying to get out from it and typing it here and expressing it to my text because my bestie too got selected. I don’t know with whom should I share this sadness.

Feeling depressed and trying to be happy and avoiding my sadness as far as possible. I didn’t try that hard to exam but now I am trying much hard to forget this sadness. I don’t know for how much more time I can withstand with my sadness. I am not a poet and feeling to write a poem to express my sorrow.

Be happy, because it’s over. Don’t be sad because it never happens again.

Winning is temporary because failure is real. Winning to try should never fail but failing to win can happen.

Success is just a result, but failure is a process.

You might be wondering to have a surprise and can think of me in a way that I am being stupid enough to realise the value of failure after becoming a failure. Failure never teaches you, it’s you who will teach yourself. It’s you who will be with you forever. Try to win you rather than wasting time and searching happiness in something that could make you happy. Happiness lies within you because you are choosing it. Everything is within our hands because we are travelling through it and we are out own passengers in this journey. Passengers change as you change your job but the only passenger who remains as a shadow is you yourself.

Try to be happy because it’s what makes you happy. Try to be content and never stop improving. It’s only you to whom you have to answer by the end of the day. Make yourself happy because it’s you who are living your life. The only thing that matters to you is being happy. It’s not a bad life, it’s a bad day. What hasn’t happened might happen later with better results. What is today might come with a better tomorrow. No one knows what’s our future. Life can change anytime. The only thing we should promise ourself is to extend our promise. Everything happens for a reason and you will find the reason soon or later. But the reason always makes our life better.

Wait for a better life, If your life is better, wait for a best life.