10 Reasons for Why Poor Sleep is Dangerous

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Sleeping is as important as eating and doing exercise. A good night’s sleep is important to sound health properly. It’s true people now sleep less than they used to do in past. But it is also hampering their digest system and many more. So, let’s know why poor sleep is dangerous.
10 reasons why poor sleep is dangerous
Sleeping less can higher the bodyweight

Short sleep is one of the reasons behind obesity. We see the people with short sleep weigh noticeably in comparison to those who have adequate sleeping habit.89% children and 55% of adults nearly grow obesity due to short sleeping habits. Short sleep can make hormonal disorders also.
Calorie consumption gets lower with adequate sleep
It’s said those who sleep less have higher calories consumption habits. If one deprives sleep it will cause to harm the appetite hormones and lead to poor appetite. It enhances the number of ghrelin hormones which highers the appetite and lowers the leptin hormones which suppress the appetite
Less enhancement of concentration and productivity
Good sleep enhances concentration, productivity, and performance. Sleeping fewer impacts brain which eventually brings errors to work. Sleeping fewer causes similar effects to the brain as alcohol intake does.
Minimize the athletic performance
Good sleep helps to be physically fit and active. It helps the brain to count accuracy, speed, redactions, etc. Poor sleep can result in slower walking, weak grip strength, etc.
Chances of heart disease and stroke
A study showed that sleeping less is harmful to those who sleep less. It can lead to heart disease. Minimum 7-8 hrs sleep is important at night.
Causes insulin sensitivity
If one person restricts sleep to 6hrs for only 4 days, the person will have prediabetic symptoms. Sleeping less affects glucose and increase insulin sensitivity.
Can cause depression
Poor sleep can cause depression. Continually poor sleep causes insomnia. 90% of depressed people complaints about poor sleep. Not only that poor sleep can increase the risk of suicide also. Insomnia or disturbed sleep can be the cause of depression also.
Immune function Deterioration
Lower sleep higher the risks of the immune system. 8hours of sleep a day can even help to fight the common cold. If you monitor for 2 weeks between two who sleep well and who doesn’t by giving the both same medicine for cold allergy, you can see the difference.
Maximize the inflammation
Poor sleep not only causes bowel disease but also causes disease recurrence. Poor sleep is related to long time inflammation. It causes to loss of digestive tracks. It is known as inflammatory bowel disease. Experts suggest good sleep to get rid of inflammatory diseases, without sleep the disease relapses.
Hamper emotions and social interactions
Those who do not sleep well, usually they seem to be irritated with little things. Not only that they become unable to recognize persons and their emotions. It reduces the ability to social responses and creates a bad social image.
So, to this end, we also come to realize how sleeping is important to have a healthy life. At least 7-8 hours of sleep a day can give you a healthy life in all aspects.

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