This is a movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, and was released in the 1972. A movie staring Rajesh khanna, Jaya Bahaduri, Usha Kiran, Asrani and many more. This movie was narrated by Amitabh Bachan in his very strong voice. Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies are always simple and conveys very beautiful messages which helps us to make our lives simpler. Bawarchi means a cook, this is a story of how Raghu the character played by Rajesh Khanna actually teaches a life lesson to a family who lives in a house named shanti nivas.

In this story the main focus is about a large joint family which lives in a house named shanti nivas named after the wife of the owner. The name is an irony as the word shanti means peace but no one can ever see this happening in the house, there is always some big fight that the family indulges in.  Shivnath sharma who is a retired post man is the eldest in the family. He has 4 sons firstly Ramnath sharma being the eldest son who works as a head clerk in a company his wife Seeta sharma and daughter is Meeta sharma is a trained Kathak dancer and who is preparing for an upcoming dance competion all live in the house. Second brother Kashi Sharma is a school teacher he has his own rules and principles about life which he strictly follows his wife shobha sharma and son Pintoo live in the same house. The third son and his wife died in a car accident their daughter Krishna played by Jaya Bachan also stays with them. She studies in college and has a tution teacher Arun who is her college senior who comes home to teach her for free. The forth son Vishwanath Sharma played be Asrani is a music director in film industry, he is not married and he thinks it is better not because it will just add up to the fight already existing in the house. So many people live in one house, constantly fighting  though they want to be apart but fear that if they go Shivnath sharma also called as Daduji will not give any part of the property to them.

Raghu who comes to their home, pretending that he is in desperate need of work but actually is someone who wants to peace out things in the house. Not directly but by showing how much they love each other and making other members  realize how amazing is it live together with happiness. There are many major lessons to be learnt from this movie which actually tends us to re-evaluate our own life. Such simple movies makes us realize how important is it to be happy in the present moment. In this pandemic times when we are confined at home rather than constantly thinking and stressing out ourselves by the thought  when will everything comeback to normal we can spend a quality time with our family, be happy of the fact that everyone is together. Hug your mom and dad and tell them how much you love and care about them. In a wait for big happiness we often tend to ignore these small small happiness, the number big moments of happiness are  only just fifteen to twenty in in the whole lifetime what makes our lives beautiful is the millions and billions of small happiness that we should never overlook.