The Rise of the Parallels – Feminism and Pseudo-Feminism

“The lesson here is you can’t expect users to learn. There’s too much fun going on out there on the Internet.”

Pete Lindstrom

The internet doesn’t spread misinformation, we the users do. We share anything and everything, without proofing it. We get our news from social media rather than the news media. We have everything at the touch of our fingertips, yet we are too torpid to go the extra mile. It’s that one action that spreads rumors. It all comes down to that one small action on this enormous space.

We are in the 20th year of the 21st Century yet we are too tied to convenience than authenticity. The internet gives us too much exposure but our minds take in very little knowledge. Even more rare is the initiative to catch sight of the truth. 

Being “woke” is the new ‘fad’. The internet is the medium through which you can let people know that you are part of (or against) each campaign. It’s more about proving your stand than supporting the cause. I wonder how many people blindly share posts showing their support to every social issue trending each week but hardly spend time educating themselves.

All these might very well be the reasons the difference between feminism and pseudo-feminism is foggy amongst many.

Feminism is a tale as old as time. Feminism might have gotten its name and recognition just a few hundred years ago but it started the day Patriarchy took charge. I would like to believe many were born way ahead of their time, fighting till their last breath trying to give the oppressed gender a voice.

Pseudo-Feminism, however, stems from the hatred and anger of those persecuted for the sex they were born as. Being born anything but a male in this heavily patriarchal world serves you a life-sentence of no freedom. Ironically, doesn’t the man’s sperm determine the sex of the offspring? I guess it’s the years of oppression and the eventual right to speech that have overwhelmed most to surpass feminism right into misandry. One such example is the Ruchika Girhotra Case. Nothing good ever comes out of these strong emotions though.

Whether you’ve accidentally stumbled on this or are here to get my two cents, I’d be happy to clear all misunderstandings and hopefully, by the end, I will have birthed a few feminists.

Pseudo-Feminism desires a world where women make the rules. Where men will be oppressed experiencing the same unjust women faced. A quick Google search will tell you that Misandry is, “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men.”

While both seem to be the same, there’s a world of a difference. Misandrists dislike/despise men. Pseudo-Feminists believe that they are feminists who can quench their thirst equality by giving the tyrants a taste of their own vengeful medicine.

Feminism fights for equality. A world where both men, women, trans and queer people have every basic human right. It’s a misconception that Feminism fights only for women and their rights. While it may have started as a revolutionary movement just for women. (Real) Feminists all over now fight for every person exploited. Feminism doesn’t care for gender, sexual orientation, religion, or culture. It stands for equal opportunity to make a choice.

While it is easy to get wrapped up into the confusion and emerge out a Pseudo-Feminist, it is important to realize that patriarchy is a system. Men are human beings just like any other, and patriarchy has been instilled in each one of us. Most of us grew up in a patriarchal setting and are accustomed to it. As the oppressed, it was/is much easier for us to start questioning and fighting it. For men, the gender enjoying the comforts of monarchy, it would be a hard thing to lose control of.

Having said that, in this patriarchal world, if it weren’t for a few great men, we women would never have had a chance at education, knowledge and our fight to end this inequality. All we can do is educate ourselves and others properly and stand for what is right. Correct people when they are wrong, be kind, and take back control from men to make this world a safe place for all.

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