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A computing device which provides the networking path for transferring data packets between computer networks is called as router. It executes the traffic directing operations over the internet. The basic functionality of routers in any network can follow certain steps-

  1. Data sent via the internet like a webpage or email.
  2. Formation of data packets.
  3. Packets has dispatched to destination routers through internetwork.
  4. Acknowledge sent by destination router to source router that packet has received or not.

If we talk about routers engineering mechanism, so firstly consider the supported router like Linksys WRT54GL wireless router associated from Newegg company and follow the upgradation instructions which is quite specified for this router. Therefore, you should check the generic DD-WRT v23 SP1 mini firmware version locations. Then, you should cross check the generic DD-WRT v23 SP1 standard firmware version locations. If everything looks good, so go ahead to next assignment.


Now a day, all the new routers which are sold is the WRT54G router and contains v8 version. Earlier router version can’t work appropriately due to lack of product and security support.

If we talk about WRT54G v8 router (Version 7 not supported) and if we want to work with v7 version, we ought to be replace version 7 file directory into version v8 directory. If you are going to browser checking status, so use Mozilla firebox latest version. Then run the installation setup if any problem occurs.

There are important guidelines to handle text lines which is given as below-

  1. At the beginning of functionality toolbar, go to the command prompt window and type ipconfig / all. Register this default gateway and subnet mask. Then go through the two DNS address verification. When you configure the IP address manually on your system to according to the instructions. Default 4 number setting is essential.
  1. Please don’t mismatch the required details when you do the tftp that you required in this folder that involves the downloaded dd-wrt.v24_micro_wrt54gv8.bin file.
  1. Finally, rewind about the wired router connection and download both extensions i.e. vxworkskillerGv8.bin and dd-wrt.v24_micro_wrt54gv8.bin before you proceed away.
  1. Restart your laptop back to receiving IP address through DHCP rather than inbuild configuration wherever instruct systems. You will achieve the accessibility that DD-WRT micro install through with the login Id root and password is admin. For this Conversance, you should install the proper DD-WRT standard.

By the way, you can’t move ahead with WRT54G v7 and v8 because Linksys downgraded don’t allow the physical memory in recent models. So, micro requires improvement over the simple Linksys firmware.


After completing the firmware upgrade, my wireless signal is much compatible boost (needed for any signal increasing magnitude). Matching some trivial composition.

If we move to wireless tab, then to advance settings. The following processing steps is given as below-

  1. Find the entry labelled Xmit Power, which is set by inbuild at a paltry 28 mW.
  2. It can be set up to 251 mW.
  3. 251 is obviously greater than 28, so opt in the 251 mW.

The DD-WRT systematically advised that “safe expansion of up to 70 would be sufficient for most users”. You should not create anything hyphen and modification with overheating your router. It could reduce the life span of router and mitigates its progression. Hence go ahead and change the Xmit power to 70 and click the save setting details at the bottom of the page.

I can’t observe that the signal improvement has devasted things for everyone. Signals can be excessed to full bar pretty.


Mostly routers can process the bandwidth request for same region, your new $600 router is on the way. If we talk about Quality of Services rules, priority should be given to interactive traffic medium like VoIP, web browsing and gaming. If you talk about the thrashing the traffic source that doesn’t depends upon steady rate of bandwidth i.e. P2P programs.

You will acknowledge that the network can be mitigated even if your network is getting clogged and file sharing will create impact on it. You should ensure that enough bandwidth has left out through propagation channels. If we want to release memory from Skype out phone calls, so obliged it.

Router has created greater sustainability operation through any medium, so conversion is quite simple. You can consider DD-WRT as a bad flash memory cell but minimize its radiation hardening to control it in any channels. Your router should provide the security from any hacking network and foundation of network security protocols.

Router Conversion rate can create huge impact in the field of bandwidth reuse phenomenon and frequency exhaustivity can create severe damage in router networks. Hence conversion of $60 router into $600 router network can quite demolished and got out of comfort area and specialities.  

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