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Areas of Greatest Need

Your gift to Tuskegee University’s Annual Fund allows you to partner with the university’s senior leadership in addressing its most pressing and critical needs. As these needs arise, our leadership — guided by the priorities outlined in the university’s strategic plan — considers how best to apply your gifts in our academic and student life programs to ensure we can continue to offer our students a quality educational experience.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund in support of the areas of greatest university need can —and have, in the past — helped:

  • support non-capital student living and learning programs by funding classroom and lab activities
  • enhance learning and study programs offered through our tutoring programs, libraries and computer labs
  • underwrite faculty instructional needs and initiatives
  • expand academic programming, especially in support of STEM programs
  • develop and execute strategic student recruitment and retention programs by funding outreach by our recruiters, as well as on-campus recruitment programs like open houses and tours
  • increase our fundraising success by expanding our outreach to cultivate and steward new and existing donors

Capital Improvement

The university’s capital improvement program is guided by a 10-year comprehensive capital master plan — but made possible in large part by our donors who invest in our facilities.

Our 10-year capital master plan identifies and prioritizes the current repair and renovation needs of the 300-plus facilities the university owns and occupies. The plan also provides a framework for a phased strategy to address immediate and critical needs, such as expanding the availability of dormitory space, enhancing classroom and laboratory amenities, and renovating our athletic facilities.

Scholarships help turn the dream of a college education into a reality for our students. Scholarships can underwrite educational expenses ranging from f tuition, room and board, student fees, books and other required classroom materials.

Endowed Scholarships

When establishing scholarships, donors can specify the criteria they wish donors to satisfy to be eligible for the scholarship they create. This can include financial need-based requirements, academic merit-based scholarships, or scholarships that are awarded based on residency, high school or college activities, academic major and/or career aspiration.  

Endowments are vitally important to Tuskegee University because they provide permanent, self-sustaining funds that create stability, flexibility and opportunity for years to come. Endowments are created with a minimal philanthropic investment of $25,000 — either as an outright gift paid over time or through a planned or estate gift. Once established, your endowment is held permanently and invested along with other endowed charitable gifts. Its principal continues to grow and produce income in perpetuity for a designated purpose. 

Special Appeals

From time to time, the university will initiate a special fundraising appeal, which may align with an area of greatest need or around a special event like Homecoming or Founder\’s Day. 

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