In this lock down where we all are tired of sitting at home and of course maintaining social distancing,Well thanks to Netflix for rescuing us from this boring situation.There are tons of amazing Netflix shows that you will find entertaining and worth watching in your leisure time.

1 Lucifer- well most of you must be aware of this series for those who are not aware,This series is amazing as HELL!.It is all about The KING OF HELL – LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR, who was once a angle but due to his own pride he was thrown out of the Heaven and condemned to rule hell but One day he decides to talk leave and visit Earth- Gods most precious creation in order to have fun. This is very interesting series ad worth to watch.

2 Young Sheldon- This series is worth watching the story revolves around a boy named sheldon who is very intelligent and believes in Science.He often seen to top his class.The series is all about an intelligent little kid who is very amazing and brilliant loves science often argue his parents who are not able to understand his way of seeing and understanding the world.

3.Originals- This series is for all vampire lovers you will find interesting that its story line is somewhat connected to vampire diaries. This is about the very first originals Vampires the story revolves around the 2 brother and their only sister.One of them hooked up with their only enemies the Ware wolf and the girl got pregnant they try to save the baby who is going to be the only HYBRID of the world, possessing the power of witch,vampire and werewolf.Give it a try you will love it.

4.The witcher- if you are one of them who enjoys fantasy genre then you will love this series.The story revolves around a man who is a monster hunter trying to find peace come across a kingdom and take a promise of saving a girl who posses supernatural power.Its really fun to watch this series.

Give it try to these series it wont disappoint you. Happy watching

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