Self Acceptance and Self Love

In the present day world of advancements, every individual is different than the other. Every person at present possesses some special quality. But in spite of accepting differences and talents people are inviting jealousy and envy into their lovely peaceful lives. Due to this, a lot of people are ashamed of their selves and hence end up utilizing crucial time of theirs in just copying their so called ‘Idols’.

It has turned to be a common habit of human beings at present getting influenced by others to such an extent that they start hating themselves. The reason is not being same as the ones whom they like.

Every other creation of God is unique in its own sense. But because of the misbeliefs setup in the society and the desired mark of being a certain type, people start thinking there’s something wrong in them. Such types of feelings arise in an individual because they think they are nothing, but only a misfit.

Just because they don’t fit into the categories being created by people of some undeveloped mindset.

For instance, let’s take the example of complexion. It is generally assumed that having a fair complexion is bliss whereas being dark is a curse. Whosoever is fair is just beautiful or handsome or more correctly ‘perfect’, irrespective of their behavior, habits and nature. Whosoever is dark is just straight away considered bad, misfit, bizarre or odd.

When an individual lives in society with such beliefs which are in actual misbeliefs, it makes a very deep impact upon the psychology of the person and their love towards self starts falling. In some cases, self love and self respect simply ends up just because of the standards and the categories being set up in the society. The biggest example to the present generation is Michael Jackson. Yes, the American singer, songwriter and a dancer too. Despite being so much talented, he had such complicated cosmetic surgeries through which he tried to lighten up his dark skin tone and reshape his face so that he could also look attractive just like others.

If he wouldn’t have undergone such surgeries and would have continued to life a with his talents, he would’ve lived a life so good, being satisfied with self filled with all happiness and piousness. The so called cruel world makes an individual think that something is very wrong with them.

Not only complexion, these disbeliefs makes an individual think they are born with the wrong name, having stupid (not so cool) surnames and even about owing wrong sexual orientation.

People with such stereotypical mindsets, must clear their minds off and should try to rise up from their misbeliefs. After rising out of this ocean of negativity, pessimism and cynicism, such people will be able to look the world with a new perspective and new attitude.

The world is really filled with so many different creations of varying nature, appearances and individuality. Before accepting others, one must try to accept themselves. Everyone is perfect, everyone is beautiful. The only thing to be changed is the attitude and the viewpoint.

Individuals should start loving themselves. Every other person with a different skin tone, different body weight, different sexual orientation, different likings or disliking, different ethnic backgrounds and different financial backgrounds, is a creation of God made with love and a purpose to be served in life.

Human beings must not forget their goals and the purpose for which they are meant. Life Goals and Peace of mind by an individual can only be attained when an individual starts accepting and starts loving himself or herself.

That’s why it’s said by a not so famous writer,

“The key to peace of mind is self acceptance and self love”

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