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Who doesn’t like traveling? It is the most beautiful thing to do. Now a days it’s always in trend and also getting more popular day by day. Thanks to the digital world for that, but, there’s always something which you can’t learn from the digital world, yeah! Even youtube fails. Shocking, na!..
Hey, you don’t worry about it because I’m hear.

So, this blog will cover all those things which youtube can’t teach you. By the way there’s a lot of things which even though you learn from youtube but can’t replicate it in real life. See, I have got many issues with youtube but first let’s learn, what are the essential things to keep and remember while traveling?.

There’s a countless place in the world to travel and more are getting discovered.  Things like weather, people, food, transport are bound to be different but few things always goes same. For example:- There may be a difference between two beaches but safety measures always goes same. Just like that few things always goes same irrespective of the place.

This paragraph will go for the travelers who like mountains and trekking the most. For the selection of place, you must have the theoretical knowledge about that place. You can do some sort of  surveys before selection, and I would like to suggest you to check it on Quora, if you trust digital world more, otherwise face to face surveys are still the best. After doing surveys you become aware about the place and the type of situation you can have there to face. Now, make a check list for all the things you are going to need there and also to make sure you don’t leave any necessary things behind. And Before leaving your doorstep, you must double check your check list, because one more layer of protection always gives more protection. Now, first of all you should know, there’s no trip that you can actually anticipate. Some if & but will surely happen, and for that keep your mind and senses active. Now you are well aware about the place where you are heading too, so, choose your clothes according to that place, like:- for trekking you should have a trouser and a light t-shirt under a jacket (optional) and a sports shoe. Plan your number of days and pack your things according to that and, because it’s a mountain area you should keep power bank and a non digital mobile phone for just in case. Keep you bagpack light because lighter the bag, easier the trekk. If you are going for the first time on trekking go by any agency or travel company for camping for better experience. After that  for the next time you can go all alone or for a solo trip. If you don’t have any sleeping bag or tent then don’t worry you can rent out. It’s available there either at starting point or in mid way of your trekk. Always keep an extra drinking water while trekking because of two major reasons : 1) it is costly to buy drinking water up there.
2) For cleaning or getting fresh you need water up there.
Keep checking your mobile phone for network and if there’s no network turn your phone in flight mode for less battery consumption. Don’t forget to take a portable speaker with you because without music even heaven is boring. Once you reach there interact with your fellow trekk mates for some good memories and also to make your trip memorable.

If you like photography then it’s okay, but, if you not then don’t waste your time in clicking snaps. Look around and try to observe each and every details for enjoyment. The world with naked eye is still more beautiful that your high mega pixels phone camera. Try to spend some time alone there, because it’s useless if you don’t get yourself some time.

At last, there are several things you will live that I don’t want to mention here because it’s your trekk man!. Go and feel it rather then reading it. Since, i have already said that I got some issue with youtube but somewhere I go with it like for further tips you need to read my other blog regarding this, Traveling Tips 2.

Till then enjoy your trekking and don’t forget to tell your experience in the comment section, No! not about your trekk, but, about this blog..😝

See yaa.

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