Tata P.U.B.G. 🎮

“Tussi jaa rhe ho, Tussi na jao”: this dialogue from K.K.H.H was yesterday felt by every Indians heart, ok! not everyone but still a lot of them felt it.

Hello friends, today we dedicate this blog to our beloved game PUBG. In a very short span of time pubg made it’s place in peoples heart like Chai made it’s place in every typical indians heart. It was less then a game but more like a place where not only youngsters, but, adults too like to hangout. Only if it was not a mobile game but a physical place, companies from all around the world would have opened one outlet there.

But, we Indians can’t say that this news was unexpected to us. We knew it was coming after that particular day when the first news came about a kid who commited suicide because of PUBG. Man! i guess, that news shocked everyone more then this did, and also when parents started complaining about there child, who is spending hours and hours on game. We all knew it just like, that villain in john Wick who knew he was coming, but, when? that was the main question.

And just like everything, PUBG has brought some kind of benefits too. You gotta admit it, that in india gaming was never an option, but, after pubg evrythings got changed. PUBG has started the gaming culture in India, No! there was already a gaming culture in india but PUBG has taken it to a certain height that now the Indian audience want more than it not less then it. Gamers started getting fame and money. And for the youtubers it worked like rocket which took them to an unimaginable height. there was time when youtubers were donating money to relief fund by online streaming. We can officially say that PUBG was a super hit in India, but, as we always say “Time is for everyone, but, for no one”.

Year 2020 arrives, and it brings Pandemic with itself. Slowly and slowly it got spread in each and every part of the world. This brings China (the mother of PUBG) infront of everyones eye. And soon enough, the cold war between India and China strated near LAC (Line of Actual Control). India was the only country then who was fighting against both Pandemic and the cause of Pandemic. As time passes Indian govt, strated banning the chinese application in a mater of data breaching and also due to the cold war.

Sept 1st, 2020 The news headline says “India ban 118 apps of china including PUBG”. This news brought a wave of sadness among the citizens. Tweeter was about to crash from the eminence amount of tweets, but, at last Indians accepted it.

Do you know why? Because in India every single one is serious about there country’s pride. Always there are only two reason of unity among them.
1)In the name of country like, a rare type of blood which is found in ever Indian.
2)And When there’s Bhandara.

There’s an old saying in India “Ekta mein bal” which means “There’s a strength in unity”.

What do you think, Reliance should buy Shares in PUBG or not?? Because Reliance don’t have any investment in gaming industry, oh! Sorry, I forgot about the politics.😅

So, you don’t forget to share your view in the comment section. See yaa..

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