Controversy arises on a song from khali-peeli, over “Racism” allegations

Some days back a song from Ishan khattar-Ananya Pandey starrer got released. Song was quoted with name “Beyonce Sharma jayegi”. Looking at name will not make any difference as there is nothing inappropriate, but catch is on its lyrics. The more we feel nothing bad about the song, but after listening to its lyrics you will equally feel disgusting about it.

Kumar and Raj Shankar for the lyrics, Vishal-Shekhar for their composition, and Ananya and Ishaan for accepting the song and dancing on the same, is seeing a lot of hatred, disapprovals and disappointments.


The film Khaali Peeli, released, it has snowballed into controversy. Lyrics goes like ‘Ho tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyonce sharma jaayegi’. With the trending hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter, here is what Bollywood learns from it and produces songs like this one. The 412K dislikes have surpassed the extremely low, 52K likes on the official video posted by Zee Music Company.

Ananya Panday’s Instagram post promoting Beyonce Sharma Jayegi was also met with backlash, as fans pointed out the racist undertones of the song. it is the lyrics — Chamkeeli lachkeeli tu jo kamar yeh hilayegi, tujhe dekh ke goriya Beyonce sharma jayegi  (which translates to “after looking at you fair woman, Beyonce will feel shy”) that triggered an outrage among netizens, with many calling out the song for its racist implications.

“The term ‘goriya‘ has been so often and traditionally used in Indian songs to address a girl, that it didn’t occur to any of us to interpret it in the literal manner,” said the director. During an interaction with Hindustan Times, the filmmaker apologised and said, “First, without any hesitation or excuses we want to apologise to anyone offended. We assure you that the lyric in question was never intended racially.” Defending his stance on the choice of the word, Mr Khan added, “In fact, the term ‘goriya‘ has been so often and traditionally used in Indian songs to address a girl, that it didn’t occur to any of us to interpret it in the literal manner.”

Speaking of the comparison with Beyonce facet, Maqbool Khan said the song wasn’t meant to disrespect the icon. “The comparison with Beyonce is simply meant to be a street-smart guy flattering a girl who is trying to impress that her dancing/performance is worth comparing to even Beyonce who we all see as the final word, the epitome of talent, beauty, performance, style and attitude.

According to a report in Mid-day, Beyonce has trademarked her name to avoid commercial use. The report also stated that the makers are likely to rework on the lyrics of the song to avoid a legal battle. “In a pre-emptive move, the makers are now planning to rewrite the song to avoid legal repercussions. A final call will be taken this week. With the dance number being called out for racism, it will be an unwise move to take on an international star like Beyoncé, especially at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement has set the stage for equality,” a source was quoted saying by the publication.