The Syamantaka Jewel

It was a period of Dwapara Yuga(the 3rd Yuga out of the four). The yugas have their own history in the Hindu beliefs and extremely fascinating one. But today is the day for something else,The Syamantaka Jewel.

  • The story

It is said that the Dwapara Yuga was when Krsna,the supreme personality of godhead descended on the earth to destroy all of the evil entities. In the Hindu scriptures,Krsna is the supreme lord,he is the creator and he is the destroyer,he is the cause of all causes,not only on earth,but millions and trillions of such planet’s. He is the start and he is the end. The description of Lord

Krsna can go on and on. Many karmas were done by Krsna for the future generation to learn from it. To not repeat what happened during the war of Mahabharata, where ultimately,it all led to destruction.It can simply be described as, A platform where everyone one had his own reference of righteousness. We know many incidents of Mahabharata,the Pandavas,the Kauravas,but do we know about Yadu Vansha?

There were many interesting things which occured in the Yadu Vansh. One of them being the story of the Syamantaka Jewel.

It cannot be called as a ‘story’ more an ‘incident’ which happened during the Dwapara period,also known as the bronze age. The incident begins with a king whose name was Satrajit. King Satrajit was a huge devotee of Surya Dev(the Sun God). Surya Dev,being pleased with Satrajit,presented him with the Syamantaka Jewel. Syamantaka Jewel was the most exceptional jewel with a dazzling effulgence. When King Satrajit wore this jewel and went to Dwaraka,he appeared to be looking like the Sun God himself in the eyes of the people of Dwaraka. Now,the people of Dwaraka were feeling extremely proud that they were being visited by the demigods! Although they were not nearly as dazzled because they saw Lord Krsna everyday, who was the supreme of everything. However,the people of Dwaraka were delighted by the fact that the Sun God was visiting them. They went to Lord Krsna and offered their prayers to him,after which they said that the Sun God had come to visit him. Now,Lord Krsna being known to everything that happens everywhere already knew that the ‘sun God’ which the people of Dwaraka were talking about was actually the king Satrajit. But the king Satrajit had not come to visit Lord Krsna at all. He came to build a temple for the Syamantaka jewel ! According to  A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s book KRSNA,  Syamantaka jewel was exquisite and exceptional because it produced 170 pounds of gold everyday! It was also said that wherever the Syamantaka jewel resided,nobody in the vicinity would experience any bad omens like famine, drought etc. Due to all these properties of the Syamantaka jewel,the people started worshipping the jewel. This is the property of foolish people. Foolish people tend to devote themselves to a materialistic thing,or demigods to attain faster and greater results. This is what ‘materialists’ are called. Everyone must submit themselves to the supreme personality in the end. After doing all their karmas, everyone should surrender to Krsna. Because he is everything and nothing. There is no actual description of Krsna,which is why you can go on and on with your words but he would never be fully described. In the case of worshipping demigods,the soul purpose of your prayers should be the supreme Lord. Only then your soul attains Moksha. The supreme personality exists everywhere and nowhere. People who believe that any material would make them successful, then they might be wrong. You can worship yourself without any of the materialistic things. The only thing which you need is your soul which is solely devoted to Krsna. Krsna always tends to take away the materialistic things of his devotee and prevent him from being mis-leaded. The book also says that when you devote yourself to the supreme personality,you should not think of yourself as greater from the other people. For this,Krsna does things to bring his devotee to the right path. But Satrajit was blinded by the beauty of Syamantaka jewel. Krsna said to present the jewel to the king as the greater was always presented to the King. But Satrajit failed to do so. 

One day,when his younger brother,Prasena who was roaming in the forest,was ‘attacked’ and ‘killed’ by a lion who took the jewel to his cave. Jāmbavān,(the son of Brahma,who was an immortal ‘sloth bear’ who appears both Ramayana and Mahabharata) ,who came to know about the jewel,killed the lion with his fists. He did not know what to do with the jewel and gave it to his child to play. Meanwhile,when Satrajit came to know that his brother had died,he was engulfed in grief. It was also rumoured that it was Krsna who had killed Prasena to obtain the Syamantaka jewel. Lord Krsna was extremely displeased by this false defamation and hence,went to the same forest with some members of Dwaraka to get the Syamantaka jewel. They came upon a cave, and Krsna said to the members to wait outside for him. He found the kid of Jāmbavān who was playing with the jewel. The maid got scared when Krsna approached them and immediately went to Jāmbavān. Jāmbavān who was actually a devotee of Lord Krsna from the period when Ramayana happened,but was blinded by his own boiling anger and therefore,could not make out whether it was his lord or not. He challenged Lord Krsna for a live combat. Lord Krsna was pleased by Jāmbavān and therefore have him the pleasure to combat with him, initially providing him with Moksha.The combat went on and on till Jāmbavān developed heavy amounts of perspiration. The combat went on for about 28 days,with nobody giving up,but Jāmbavān was very tired and his body was aching. This was when he realised that such a great person could be none other than Lord Krsna,and apologised with many prayers devoted to Krsna. Lord Krsna forgave him seeing how devoted he was to Lord Krsna. Jāmbavān apologised by giving his daughter (Jāmbavāti) for marriage.Upon asking the cause of his visit, Krsna described about  the events that had happened previously. Thus, Krsna returns to Dwaraka with his new wife,Jāmbavāti. The people of Dwaraka waited for Krishna for 12 days and upon not hearing anything,they returned to Dwaraka with extreme Greig and hollowness. Everybody was filled with despair, including the other wives of Krsna,the people etc. But when Krsna arrived at the place with his new wife,the whole place lit up with a burst of celebration! Krsna described  about the events which had occurred in the 28 days. After this incident,King Satrajit was extremely ashamed about his acts. Be came back to his senses and realised his mistake. He apologized to Lord Krsna with pleading prayers. He was filled with regret and therefore,gave his daughter (Satyabhama) along with the Syamantaka jewel to Krishna. Satyabhama was also said to be the most beautiful amongst the world.

Where does the Syamantaka jewel exist now? Nobody knows! Maybe it is  buried somewhere in a place of purity,maybe it was taken back by the gods,we just don’t know! And truth to be said,some mysteries are well of to remain as mysteries!

One can learn many things from this incident if you think deeply. At first you might think of the incident  a bit unusual. But the more you think about it,the more you learn from it!

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