World Alzheimer’s Day: It will be very easy to remember anything in these fun ways

If people with weak memory have to struggle to remember anything, then the fun tips given here will be of great help to you….

It is true that due to increasing dependence on technology, we do not have much trouble even forgetting some things, but trying to remember things always proves beneficial for mental health. Here are some ways, with the help of which it will be very easy to remember the names of people and places, key dates and some important numbers.

Reiterate Names

When you meet someone for the first time, after hearing its name, repeat that name two or three times in your mind. Even if you have a five-minute conversation with them, always address them by their name during that time. This will make it easier for you to remember their name and they will also feel good. 

Convert words to images

After hearing a new name, try to remember its meaning or any topic related to it. For example, if a person’s name is Pankaj, remember also that it means lotus flower, then you will always remember his or her name.

Adopt interesting ways

There are also some names of Hindi which can be translated into English in a fun way. For example, if a person’s name is Lal Bahadur Singh, then you can remember him by the name of Red Brave Lion.

Affiliation is required

Before saving the number of people, write a keyword with their name so that you will immediately remember why we had saved that mobile number. For example, if you talked to someone named Ashish for your child’s tuition, then save their number in your mobile name as Tuition Ashish. You won’t have any problems later.

Remember numbers in this way

It’s okay that people’s addresses and phone numbers are saved on your mobile. Yet the way to remember these is to remember it not in numbers but in words, for example, if someone’s house number is 315, it would be easier to remember it as three hundred and fifteen instead of three one five.

Add links for key dates

Even if Facebook reminds you, try to remember special occasions like your loved ones’ birthday and anniversary on your own. Often some of your friends or relatives’ birthdays will fall around each other. You can remember it like this – in the month of May, it is the birthday of three people, firstly of Soumya on the 2nd, Ketan on the 5th and finally of Saurabh on the 28th. In this way, you will never forget your close one’s birthday. 

Stay organized

Often people forget their things by keeping them here and there. To avoid such a problem, make a habit of keeping the goods back from where they are taken. If you succeed in trying to remember these tips, you will soon forget the habit of forgetting.