We live in the world of variety of people with different believes, cultures, cast, creed, colour, status and nature. Everyone is also separated by their mentality, appearance, physical and mental health, opinions, skills, behaviour and perspective too. So, everyone has their own way or attitude of understanding and thinking about a particular situation or a topic and this is only known as Perspective. Perspective can also be called as point of view, angle, standpoint, frame of mind etc.  

The quote above says that its necessary to change are perspective to make our life easier. Perspective can be of two types negative or positive. It depends on you that how you will react and think for any situation and make your own point of view according to it whether it will be negative or positive. You should always try to be positive about every aspect of life so that it can enhance your perspective. Your perspective can either create or destroy yours or other’s life so think wisely on every situation.

Creating a point of view about something is a slow and time-consuming topic. Capability of thinking and making perceptions comes from birth and the people we live with as they influence your perception. If we live in positive and happy surroundings then automatically our thinking will also become positive and hence it can enhance our perspective for everything and vice-a-versa.

Let’s quote some examples which shows the importance of perspective:

  • Some people have taken covid-19 pandemic as a threat in their life while some are learning to overcome this problem by adapting the changes and by taking this situation positively as opportunity for self-improvisation. So, what do you think whose point of view is better? Obviously, the answer will be the people who are treating this pandemic in a better way by taking it positively.
  • Over-feminism is one of the best examples related to the perception. Now a days, women started misusing the privilege given to them and take revenge from the innocent ones just for their sake and society believes them easily as there is a perception that women is always right.
  • Most of parents or grandparents always had a perception that arrange marriage is better than love marriage as they think that their choice is better as compared to their son or daughter’s choice.

There are many other examples which are connected from our daily lives.

Your viewpoint can change your life and as result your life will become a little bit easier as you would think better for every situation. This will help you to attain your goals without any obstacle. So, try to change your perspective towards every thing you face in your life.

Many Bollywood movies like OMG (Oh! My God), PK, 3 idiots, Fire, Udta Panjab etc. clearly depicts positive perception and also questioned about our perspective of visualizing the whole world. Even show like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah chashma depicts the message that it is all about perception to see the whole world. A line in the title song of the show “bas nazariye ki hai baat” clearly coveys that if we see the world with a different and a good perspective then it will be little easier to tackle the problems. Many other shows also came up with the same message.

So, as I have said earlier that Perspective is involved in our day to day life from every small to big things happening in our lives and that is all about our point of view. So, try to change the world with a good perceptive.

Life is simple: We just have to

                                   change our perspective…

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