India @75

We’re going to enter in the 75th year of our Independence on 15 August, 21.

As I’m not a political leader so I”ll not talk about what we’ve gained in last 5 years , or in last decade or in last 25 years. As it is said it’s good to appreciate yourself but it’s also necessary to criticize yourself . A simple google search can tell you what we’ve gained since independence. So , now let’s see what we’ve lost since independence.

At the time of independence , we’ve not only lost many lives & a part of our land & but we’ve lost our peace , our fraternity , & the love , for ever. And then after the independence , the list continued. We’ve lost the morality , the sympathy , the kindness & the care. In short , we’ve lost The Humanity.

We still repeat the pleadge “All Indians Are My Brothers And Sisters” , but we’ve lost this fraternity , years before.

Years before , we talked about sex ratio , we talked about death rate , we talked about infant mortality rate , we talked about literacy rate but amidst of all these we’ve lost a lot.

Sex ratio haven’t yet improved since independence but the situation is now worser than what it was in 1947. At the time of independence , at least the little girls & the old women were safe. They were safe in their neighborhood, with their relatives, they were safe in religious places . But amidst their education , we’ve lost the respect for women( ok ok , I’m not talking about every age group , but the little girls & old women had some respect at that time ) . Ohk , I agree we’re in better condition now , but relax I’m just talking about the need of time.

Well , we’ve talked about death rates & infant mortality rates & off course we’ve improved a lot in this field. But we’ve lost the humanity , believe me we’ve completely lost it. At least that was the time when unknowns too used to care about your little ones , they used to give some respect to the dead person. But now , accidents are games of wait & watch.

And some devils are just too eager to have some so called pleasure , that they didn’t even look at a infant like a infant , they treat them as a object. Of course their desires has nothing to do with the gender & age ( some people say it’s all about beauty , body & clothes ). We’re losing humans day by day.

Better not to talk about the literacy, as the education without morality can’t do anything good.

On the 75th anniversary of independent India ,we”ll have all that which is needed to be a developed country but what about all that which is needed to be a Human ? Will we celebrate India @ 75 as a zombie ?

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