Rajasthan or The Dowry Sthan

I’m just confused from where should I start. But ok , let me start from the rates, the rates of bridegroom. Ohh yes , you read it right.

10 lakhs for a government third grade teacher , 15 lakhs for a cleark or constable , 20 lakhs for a patwari , 30 lakhs for a college profesor or minimum 50-60 lakhs for income tax officer , more than a crore for an IAS , IPS or for a doctor. I’m not so familiar about conditions of other states , so let’s only talk about Rajasthan & its neighbors. Rates may vary ( T & C applied ) . I’m not a trader friends , I just wrote down some rates I’ve heard or seen. Yes , it’s what you people call dowry.

Rajasthan , the braveland , has such a bad condition , in this matter. This is the place where dowry is like the Saat Feras , compulsory element of marriage ( relax, exceptions are always there ). It’s not only about Rajasthan , but this tradition is followed on equal basis in the states of M.P. , Bihar & U.P. .Well , I only know about eastern Rajasthan.

I know it’s hard to believe. But you’ve to believe. The rates actually varies directly with the government job , the power & with the amount of money the groom can earn. Like a patwari & constable will get more money than a teacher. And this principle tells us why an income tax officer , a doctor , an IAS , an IPS or an IRS are pro in this game. They fall in the upper most category.

And yes , these marriages happen on a large scale , but you may not be able to find about such marriages as there’s no one complains about these. Why will people register complain when they know that their girls can only get married to the one whom they can pay. Or you can say , no one forces the other. This dowry doesn’t stop here , this continues in an indirect manner , even after the marriage. Middle class people often take years just to pay the loan , they take for their daughter’s marriage.

This kind of direct or indirect dowry , or this kind of rate system can’t be stopped by any law because no one will complain against this. It’s not like that people like this , but they just accept it.

Like a frog in a well , people have accepted their fate. They are stuck in a well which is called as society , so they can’t even think of getting out from it.

The only way to stop this is to change the thinking of society. Only equally provided real education can do this.