Glassophobia 🎀🀐😰

Glassophobia & shyness are two different things. But people often misunderstood themselves as shy.If you also think that you are just shy of speaking in public, then you need to rethink if it’s just shyness or something worser than this, a phobia of public speaking.

Shyness when crosses the limits then turns to the glassophobia.Sometimes the past negative experiences cause or intensify the fear. It all starts with the thoughts like what will people think about me ? what if I will stumble over my words ? what if I will forget what to say ? what if people start laughing at me ? With time these thoughts intensify and may cause physical and mental problems. Sometimes it may cause the person to suffer from inferiority complex.

Glossophobia is the medical term for the fear of public speaking. It isn’t a dangerous disease but yes it can lead to stress in the extreme cases. It may be due to lack of preparation , & in this case it doesn’t cause that much harm. It’s cause may be one of the most common psychiatric disorders, . Social anxiety disorder.

Anxiety due to lack of preparation or due to amaturity is common to many.In fact, some experts estimate that as much as 77% of the population has some level of anxiety regarding public speaking.Of course many people are able to manage the fear.

But about 10 percent are genuinely terrified and are physically debilitated by even the thought of public speaking. True glossophobics will go to great lengths to avoid speaking in a group situation.If you are the one who faces problems in work,school or in social life due to this anxiety, then it’s possible that you suffer from a phobia of speaking out.

Even the thought of presentations, group activites & answering a question can cause the anxiety.Such people start thinking of excuses to avoid the events where they are going to be the centre of attention.

Physical symptoms of glassophobia may include – Sweating , Increased heart rate , Raise in blood pressure ,Dry mouth , Difficult breathing , Nausea or vomiting in extreme cases, Headache, Muscle tension, Dizziness, Dilation of pupils, need to urinate, vocalised pauses , Shaking or quivering voice , weakened voice tone , Trembling , Panic attack , Feeling lack of energy.

Of course it’s difficult to overcome the fear , but it’s not impossible. Psychotherapy, medication,exposure therapy and herbal remedies , different ones can be applied , depending on the severity of fear. Many people are able to overcome their glossophobia with cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT). There are other ways one can try at home. Like practicing in front of mirror , talking with close ones & then asking them to analyze you , focusing on your way of speaking. According to me , Meditation is the best way to overcome any fear.

Remember , everything you want is on the other side of fear. Choose fight instead of flight.

Happy Public Speaking…πŸ™‚