Hope – The essence of our soul


“ Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness. It whispers, You will overcome this hardship. It reassures us, soothing our minds by reminding, life will improve.”                                                                           – Desmond Tutu

As I was reading a newspaper, a thought came to my mind that made me conscious of the fact that almost every other page in the newspaper nowadays has headline surrounded by depressing and terrifying words. Every day we come across such articles that leave us thoughtful and make our mind accustomed to these negativities that we are surrounded by in the present times. The news of rising cases, increasing death rates and lack of infrastructure facilities makes our feelings frightening and dejected. Everyday we question ourselves when will this be over and when can we get back to our normal lives.

As lord Krishna has rightly said “Change is the law of universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty”. Times have shown that humanity has always adapted itself to extraordinary circumstances. The present ongoing pandemic situation has proved that no matter what the situation becomes our lives will always be governed by hope and affirmation.

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Hope is a symbol of positivity, expectations and joy. It is closely linked to our health, well-being, mental state and situations that surround us. It is like a flower blossoming with the thorns. Hope is linked to trust. When you are hopeful you are believing that something positive will happen, when you are hopeful about future you trust your own choices and decisions, when you trust someone you have a hope that they will never betray your trust. Every action of ours signifies hope, the trust that when you go to bed you will wake up with cheerful mind is itself a hope.

Hope makes us believe that things will get better, that every situation in life is temporary and every dark day is accompanied by positivity and happiness. It changes our perspective and allows for healing and wholeness for ourselves and for others.

According to Charles R Snyder, a psychologist, hope includes three elements: a goal, a path and freedom of choice. A person who is hopeful believes that he/she will succeed. The person has a specific destination and knows the route that he has to take to reach the desired outcome. Hope is a mindset, determination and will to believe that you can overcome your difficulties.

Hope acts as a remedy for all sorts of hardships and misfortunes. It enables us to cope with stressful events, like demise of our near and dear ones. It motivates us to carry on our activities with zeal and enthusiasm. It assists the sick person in getting well, encouraging them to do what it takes to recover. It makes our mind believe that everything will get better with time.

The more you look for hope the more you find it. We can find hope and joy in many things .

Mind is a powerful weapon, it is with us to control it. The type of thoughts and emotions that we want our mind to get used to requires practice. The more we look for positive things in every aspect of life the more we get our minds acquainted to it.

By recalling past instances where you have been hopeful and this hopefulness has led you to accomplish something good can rejuvenate this hope again.

Hope comes with expectations, if you expect good about something you will be hopeful. Hope comes in feeling grateful for things that you have. It comes in closely associating yourself with nature, having an emotional connect with it and feeling embraced.

We should be grateful for the life that we have, we must be happy that at least we have a roof under our heads to keep us safe in these destressing times, that we are not surrounded by miseries faced by those in the hospital yearning for an empty bed, those who don’t have a job or a shelter, or those who are still struggling for meal once a day and are living their life only because they have hope of betterment.



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  1. Very good blog its really helpful in this situation thanks for giving such a positive blog in this negative situation thanks janhavi mam