5 Hacks to Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is essential to lead a happy and healthy life. Being physically fit is important to be able to carry our family responsibilities, professional duties and perform day-to-day activities. The trio of eating nutritious food, staying active physically, and taking ample rest can help achieve physical fitness.

The pointers below are crucial in maintaining our physical fitness. These simple hacks are great for everyone, simple to follow as they can be easily weaved into our daily life but the benefits go a long way. As it is rightly said – “A healthy life is a happy life!”

  1. Do NOT hit snooze – Remember having the alarm set for & 7 a.m. but you kept hitting snooze until you realized it was 9 and you were already late for work? This is exactly what we need to avoid. Hitting the snooze button means getting off-track from your schedule, and then been constantly late for the other important events of the day. Missing breakfast, being fuzzy, and the guilt of missing your workout again – all of these consequences would affect your physical health. So take charge – start your day right to enjoy a productive day and physical fitness would follow.
  2. Move your body – One of the most important aspects of maintaining your physical health is being active. The lifestyle we have today is sedentary, with mostly desk jobs and also the Covid-19 pandemic restricting us to the four walls of our homes. This makes being active even more important, as a sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of many diseases. Indulging yourself in any physical activity you like – Cardio workouts, exercises, and weight training or even hobbies like dance helps in movement and keeps us active. Yoga too has proven to increase physical endurance, flexibility, and strength. Pick up one or more of these and your physical health is bound to improve.
  3. Eat the right food – The fuel you give to your body in the form of food is how healthy and fit you will be. We all know by now the importance of a balanced- diet which is a proper blend of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Avoiding highly processed, oily and fried food items and replacing them with healthy choices go a long way. Don’t get me wrong-a few cheat meals here and there are alright – as long as you have them in moderation.
  4. Having a sleep schedule – Having a sleep schedule – One can never stress enough the importance of a proper sleeping schedule and how it contributes towards physical fitness. Sleeping on time and waking up early in the morning is the mantra to a healthy life. In addition to that, getting ample sleep of seven-to-eight hours daily is equally important. Studies have proven to show that sleep deprivation has numerous health hazards and can give birth to potential issues like diabetes, heart attack/failure, decreased immunity, mood changes, and many more dangerous physical health conditions. It can also reduce the body’s ability to function properly, which means that for achieving physical fitness you have to start getting the required number of sleep hours, starting today!
  5. Emotional and Mental well-being – Being emotionally sound and mentally stable and strong is another very important aspect of being physically fit – but sadly also a point which is highly neglected. Be it stressing a lot or being worried and anxious, all of these are directly related to our physical health. Studies have shown that these conditions impact our health and other cardiovascular diseases. Stress is also related directly to gut health. Controlling your stress and anger levels proves to be beneficial in managing your physical health. If remained uncontrolled it can stand as a barrier between you and your goal of being physically fit and healthy.

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