Covishield Gap reduced for Keralites going abroad

Kerala government had recently informed the Centre about the issues being faced by people who are travelling to foreign countries and later stated that they require certificates with passport numbers as many nations are only accepting the certificate of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine: Kerala government made a decision on Friday regarding those who need to travel abroad for some important purpose such as jobs, education etc. Kerala government decided to issue a covid 19 vaccination certificate with passports for such people. As per the order, person who took a jab of Covishield and wants to get travel clearance will be eligible for second dose after about four to six weeks.

Earlier the gap between the doses was about four to six weeks but later the government changed it. The central government increased the gap between two jabs and set it to twelve to sixteen weeks. The state government gave a statement related to it “A person who took Covishield jab and wants to get travel clearance will be eligible for second dose of Covishield after 4 to 6 weeks. Since currently Covid-19 portal does not permit to administer the second dose of Covishield within a period of less than 12 weeks, this is to be recorded separately by the districts,“.

The order declared the District Medical officer as an authorised person who would issue certificate of vaccination in a proper prescribed format. “Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) has already cleared Covishield vaccine, the same may be given as preference to people travelling abroad. Covishield vaccine will be provided from the vaccine procured by the State,” said the Kerala government. For ensuring that vaccines are being given to eligible person other documents could be used such as live visa, admission document for students, job confirmation letter/work permit for employees.

In a letter by the state government led by Pinarayi Vijayan to central government, they informed them about the situation Indians are facing while travelling abroad for education or job purposes. They stated that travelers are requiring proper certificate with their passport numbers as many nations are only accepting certificate by Oxford – AstraZeneca vaccine. And the Indian manufactured covishield vaccine is developed by Oxford University – AstraZeneca and is manufactured by Pune based – Serum Institute of India (SII) .

In the order, a statement was released by Kerala health department “All the issues were brought into the notice of Government of India to make provisions in CoWIN for permission to include passport details in CoWIN. It was also requested to give permission to the State Government to issue vaccination certificate with changes till provisions are made available in CoWIN. Further, it was requested to permit beneficiaries going abroad to take Covishield as per the previous schedule of 4–6 weeks and to make provisions in the CoWIN portal to document such vaccination given at 4 -6 weeks. However, no orders/letters are received from Government of India so far. In the above circumstances, Government has issued these directions.” Now the central government is expected to take any action on that.

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