Journaling and its benefits

Many of us might remember having a personal diary when we were teenagers. But with time, most of us also got over that habit, until recently when journaling has made a comeback and people are recognising the various physical and mental health benefits journaling has to offer. Journaling is simple, it has no set rules but is just a written record of our feelings and thoughts. It is how we track our everyday life and helps create a meaningful relationship with ourselves. Apart from just helping us de-stress, journaling every day does have numerous health benefits – both physical and mental. So if you keep wondering how exactly can maintaining a journal help you with your health – here’s a list of a few of the incredible things journaling can do for you!

  1. No more bottled-up emotions – We always long for a friend when we feel distressed, but admit it sometimes we might not always be comfortable and open to share. For these days, journaling does come to your rescue. It helps you vent out your feelings and thoughts, with no judgement coming your way. Writing your thoughts down helps you unwind and feel lighter. So the next time you’re very stressed or emotional, grab your diary and start journaling – it will help you feel a lot better.
  2. Managing anxiety – Journaling helps you take control of your emotions. When you are anxious, you are caught in the vicious cycle of overthinking. Journaling helps you break the cycle. You can write down your feelings, re-read them and look at situations from a different perspective. Maintaining a journal is highly recommended for stress management. Journaling also helps increase well-being.
  3. Helps you sleep better – Journaling can also include writing down a do-to list of the agenda for the next day, or even unfinished tasks. It then helps you feel asleep without worries and better. Writing about other positive events before bedtime also helps you sleep better as it redirects you from the negative thoughts and worries. Next time when you are tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep – consider journaling!
  4. Journaling improves memory – We all take notes while attending lectures because writing down makes it easier for us to remember stuff. Journaling also works similarly, it improves your ability to remember things. It is also great to remember certain important dates and events of your life. The physical act of writing brings information centerstage and lets your brain know it should pay close attention. The physical act of writing is a way to let the brain know to pay more attention to the information we’re giving it!
  5. Strengthens our immune system – Psychologist James Pennebaker says that journaling strengthens immune cells called T-lymphocytes. Writing gives structure to your feelings and helps you get past them, another researcher said. Though venting into a journal isn’t enough, new studies have shown that journaling does offer physical health benefits like increasing our immunity and also help people with serious health diseases cope up with their symptoms better.

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