Body shaming : a slap

You look dull, why don’t you try some eyeliner and lipstick! I promise it work wonders!You are getting fat! Increase your exercise hours, control your diet, drink extra water!Look at all those facial and body hair! Why don’t you do something about it?You are so fat/ you are thin like a stick!You have such a manly voice/ I can’t hear you!You look like a man/ you look too feminine!You speak so much/ why don’t you speak!Oh my god! Who wear heels and dress on a regular college day!?Who wears comfy sneakers and jeans in a party!?She is such a wierdo!She look like an African with that tan! Can’t she just cover her face?Oh god! I can’t breathe in this mask!From waxed face, waxed hands to trimmed nose hair!Perfect eyebrows, perfect (fake) eyelashes!Belly fat, thigh fat, wrong cheeks bitch!Perfect eyeliner, perfect lipstick!Blue eyes, cherry lips Perfect height, perfect hips!Perfect skin, perfect Hair Perfect legs for a perfect stare!Sharing memes with a new born baby, saying “jl gaya bechara!”Want a glowing, fair, hairless skin?Here are some fairness and hair removal creams!And of course, dadi ka nuskha, nani ka nuskha, YouTube wali aunty aur parlour wali didi ka nuskha!Afterall no one wants to marry a girl with dark skin and a moustache, right? But it’s just a joke! Isn’t everything??Doesn’t everything starts with a stupid joke until it starts haunting that person in their dreams?? And then....Self hatred, fucked up self confidence, long lost smile, SH (Self Harm), OCD (Obsessed Compulsive Disorder), BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder), attempted suicide !

Aunty: Waah beta! Itni jldi itna weight lose? Kya raaz hai zara hme bhi to batao? Them: pata nahi aunty, khud hi ho gaya!Mummy: na ji! Exercise ki hai ldki ne bahut.Inner them: umm! Does anxiety and depression count??? Is anyone gonna notice my fucked up skin and hair loss??


Stop Bulling


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