The Power of Advertisements

Advertisements have brought about a tremendous amount of wants by the customers. Sometimes, products are wanted by the customers because of their advertising potential and the brand ambassadors being added in-order to promote the brand and it’s new products and services in the market, and not because of the want for the product by the customers. More often, a product is wanted more frequently and repetitively only because of the liking and attractiveness towards the brand by it’s potential customers. It has often led to huge spending on brand promotion and is unlikely to capture the customers every time it advertises. It is because of the advertisements that products are often sold so rapidly that they become out of stock and the limited quantities produced by the seller often makes the price of the product higher and makes customers wait for the product for days and weeks. Advertisements have become very competitive and nowadays, every advertisement has become unethical to an extent where there are similar products and brands being compared in the advertisement shown on television,etc. Example, an advertisement for laptop, there have been videos made on why one should prefer Mac over PC though their pricing strategy follows a a way where their products are always priced high since the company’s existence. Infact, Apple Macs v/s PCs has had negative impact on the PCs being sold as they have thought to be non-durable. Intense competition has arisen in advertisements, competitive products like Pepsi and Coke have been advertising and promoting their brands at every occasion be it any festivals, happy occasions, the Indian Premier League have sponsored Pepsi before. Due to advertisements, every local product now has become global and demand for their products and services are always high. Customers have started changing their preferences to having a product of only known brands because of their advertisement appeal and the way they market the product’s features and services and discounts offered with different debit and credit cards on purchase.

A simple example of how advertisements have influenced the customers to buy a product is the Bingo chips packets. It’s advertisement is more often described to be the most funny and eye-catching. It has a brand resonance value, ie, customers will surely remember the brand name because of the advertisements it shows on TVs, Cinema halls, etc. The most popular advertisement of bingo being the packet of bingo mad angles, through which it started gaining popularity and started to compete against Lays, Pringles, etc. Another example of advertising and it’s influence is the way OnePlus phone company advertises each of it’s mobile phone and other product it launches in their launch events.

Advertisements has also made impact on the way we percept our belief on high and low priced articles. High priced articles need no advertising as they are already being sold enough at the market only because it is of higher vlue and prestige is the assumption amongst the customers. Low priced articles which give the same quality are thought to be of less quality and standards and thus, not given much preference to.

To conclude, one can say that advertisements has the power to influence on it’s customers and the target market and thus, has power.

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