Say NO To Discrimination.

What do you see, depends on how you view the world.

The tradition of growing girl devoid of basic rights and get her married at early age, considering her as a burden prevails in India still today.

On the contrary, giving the boy child all basic rights, fulfilling his dreams and aspirations, making him an asset for the house is followed in most of the homes. From the beginning, the girl is told to be a good wife, mother, sister-in-law instead of a responsible and free individual. She is not told the example of Neerja Bhanot, Sunita Williams or Kalpana Chawla.

Gender bias 'rife' in history departments, says report | Times Higher  Education (THE)

The truth bites everyone, and it is bitter truth to know that after 68 years of independence, we envision woman as suppressed, weak. As quoted, it depends on us, how we view the world, that is we view the world as male dominating. Why do one forgets that a woman is a person who has power to give birth to an individual and she can’t be inherited?

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If a girl is educated, whole family is educated”.

Girls and boys should be at equal level. If talked about present scenario, then we can see girls ahead of boys in many fields due to her perseverance, grit and determination. Giving both of them equal opportunities and education can curb the situation of gender biasness from society. One should think about the upliftment of women, women employment.

At length, we can conclude that we should not forget what our former Prime Minister said ;

“One can tell situation of country by the state of women”.