Journey Of Feather ūü™∂

Being a feather I was expecting that I will have numerous adventure filled with fantasies and daring. But It was not like that I was thinking about. In today’s world there are no scarcity of creative people. A feather is now not only meant to drift through wind but it is also now a major part of creativity.
DIY or we can say do it yourself is one of the popular and viral things that people are adopting it now. So instead of that flying in the sky, I would share my feather experience as a craft material.
So after watching youtube videos or 5 minutes crafts. Kid caught me from the playground and took me to their working table. I was there with a huge bottle of fevicol and a scissors. The kid came and put the fevicol on me. The moment when he put that fevicol the vanes of it got sticked to each other. I was feeling so sticky and heavy at that time . After that he pasted me on a mask which he made by himself. He took scissors and trimmed my vanes to get me a finished look . He looked at me as he has achieved anything. He ran to his parents and show them up this masterpiece I was admired by everyone. The next day the kid took me to school to show off their friends. One of his friends got jealous of him. He came and snatch the mask from him. Now the mask was between the hands of two kids and I was waiting for someone to come and stop this fight. But no one came. The mask was now in 2 pieces but I was in the hand of the kid who made the mask. I was thankful But just few moments later he found another feather on the ground in his school and that was beautiful than me. He threw me and ran to that feather. I was alone and thinking that now I will be burned with the heap of dry leaves by the gardener. Suddenly A girl stepped on me, She realized that and took me up, and now I will be going to a part of a new craft of that girl.
With this, I would like to rest my journey as a feather.