Everybody was stuck in shock when we all heard about CORONAVIRUS. But we didn’t think that it would have such a worst impact on our lives. In fact, we didn’t realize its seriousness at first. When the coronavirus slowly started to spread all over our country, we started to realize the seriousness. As we all know, due to the pandemic, the whole of India was kept shut for many days. Every company went through its worst phase. Gradually, we accepted the scenario and started doing the unthinkable. Schools started taking classes online, IT and other companies functioned through work from home and many others remained pathetic not knowing what to do. Many families couldn’t get enough money for daily necessities. Moreover, they had to spend more than normal for the pandemic made us spend more on medicines and sanitation. With all these, on one hand, we got to learn a lot of new things.

First, we learned to spend time with our family. Before the pandemic, we would live in our own way. We don’t spend time without family. We had our own reasons like returning home after tight schedules either from school, college, or work, and even after that, we had certain tasks to be accomplished. We would spend most of our time in the outside world and only had time to freshen up and relax ourselves to start off the next day. Due to this lockdown, we were not allowed to step out of our houses which made us spend quality time with our family. Also, by this, we realized the value of family and relationships. Not only this, we learned to value life. We realized that life is the biggest gift one has been bestowed with. After losing our loved ones, and seeing our near and dear losing their loved ones, we started being grateful for being alive at least. These were the biggest lessons life taught us through this pandemic.

Lockdown restricted us from using vehicles and this paved the way to reduce air pollution. Now, we see and hear that our EARTH is healing. Holes in the Ozone layer are disappearing. As a result, the environment changed in a good way. We are now released from breathing the poisoned air and the quality of the air has increased. 

Another one, we started believing in our natural Indian medicine. Although we have many allopathy medicines for boosting immunity, we all made decoctions using Tulsi leaves, turmeric, pepper, ginger, lemon, honey, and so on. These were the traditional medicines prescribed by our ancestors to prevent our bodies from a virus attack. Literally, every good thing which was ignored before was given place and priorities. As time went by, we started to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. We started eating healthy food to sustain this pandemic. We all realized the importance of regular exercises and yoga. They create such a beautiful impact on our bodies. We learned one main lifesaving thing which is very much essential no matter whatever the situation may be, positivity. Positivity plays a crucial role in our life behind the scenes. Researches show that positivity helps in increasing the chances of recovery from any disease. It makes us feel good, boosts our energy and confidence. It is said to enhance mental productivity and inner strength.

We explored the new side of ours. We got to know more about ourselves and self-love and care. Last but not the least, we all understood the pain and struggles of spending our whole life inside the house as faced by all the housewives and mothers only when we were forced to confine ourselves inside the four walls of the house. We started sharing household chores and other work equally with our family. This definitely gave our mothers some relaxation for which they earned for many days. 

Going by the quote, “Every evil has its good and every ill an antidote”, we also had many good things that happened in this pandemic. All I would say is be happy with all the goodness around us and stop complaining about the problems.

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