How AI is transforming our lives

Artificial Intelligence has found an important place in our day to day lives. We might not realise it but it has surrounded and transformed almost all aspects of our lives. AI is a branch in computer science that deals with the intelligent behaviour of machines. It is an ingeniously simulated ability of a machine to imitate human behaviour and our conventional response patterns. This is made possible with specific algorithms that make the AI function in a specified scope of activities. This means that with AI, many of our everyday activities can now be carried out effectively by programmed machine technology.

Microsoft’s chief envisioner David Coplin saysAI will change how we relate to each other. I would argue that it will even change how we perceive what it means to be human.

Real-life examples

The use of AI in organizations, governments, security frameworks, energy and natural resource management, etc., is drastically on the rise. For example, artificial intelligence has been pointed at to possess the potential for more accurate medical practices. Thus, you can be sure of a more accurate surgical procedure using this framework than what is currently available.

Another example would be the most commonly used AI-oriented app nowadays- Google maps. Google maps uses AI to detect traffic and its causes, time taken to travel to the destination, calculate speed of the vehicle and display estimated time accordingly, suggest fastest route alternatives. It is a very helpful tool and everyone uses it during travel.

Similarly, apps like Uber and Ola also use AI to connect you to the closest driver, display estimated wait and travel time, calculate prices according to the time of the day, traffic and other factors etc.

It is also used in food delivery apps to assign the closest outlet of the restaurant you want to order from and to assign the closest delivery person, calculate estimated time of arrival of the food, keep track of the timely preparation and delivery of the food etc.

Another most commonly used example would be voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google assistant. These are AI powered assistants that can perform any tasks given to them with the help of AI.

Another example would be AI used by entertainment channels like Netflix, Prime video and even YouTube to keep track of the content consumed by every user to determine their liked genres and taste in order to give recommendations to every user according to their taste and preferences.

Google Translate uses AI to help you translate text from a source language to the target one. The company has a lot of contributors across the globe, which means that any person in the world can contribute to Google Translate by entering some words like synonyms or anything else related to languages.

Most importantly, it is used by businesses for providing valuable insights. Using AI supplies them with information about customer behaviour, their preferences, and the history of their interactions with a company. Moreover, AI can be a real game-changer in how marketing and ads campaigns are being run today. For instance, personalized advertisements are a hit with various companies. Corporate giants as Facebook, Google, YouTube, have already been using ads powered by AI for targeting specific audiences.

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