A new human species discovered, could be our closest relative.

The scientists announced the findings of a human skull called the Dragon man which could potentially change what humans think of their evolutionary history. The researches named it Homo Longi which was then nicknamed as dragon man because this skull was found in the dragon river in China. This finding turned out to be controversial in the scientific history.


The fossil has an interesting history. In 1933 a construction worker found this skull when he was working on a bridge in the city of Harbin, China. He immediately knew how valuable the skull was as the peeking man skull had been discovered 4 years ago and had imprinted in every man’s minds. The worker didn’t expose his discovery as the territory was under Japanese authority, which led him to hide the skull in a well. Before dying, in 2018, he told his family about the skull. Later when his family found the skull from the well they donated it to the Geo science Museum of Hebe GEO University.

The fossil is called the Harbin Cranium as it was discovered in the city of Harbin. More specifically, it was found near the Long Jiang region so its called the Homo Longi aka Dragon Man. This skull is more than 146,000 years old. The skull is said to belong to a man with a huge head, big eyebrows, flat cheeks, a big mouth, a fat nose, and hooded eyes.

The researchers noticed that the skull had very unique features that didn’t resemble any other species, therefore they classified it as a whole new species that are said to be very close relatives to Homo Sapiens. The dragon man was compared to other 54 fossils to figure out where he fits on the Homo or Homenin tree. The researchers found that the dragon man was in-fact similar to the famous Denisovan jaw fossil that was found in the Tibetan plateau. It was also similar to the Dali man that was found in China.


The researchers argue that the Dragon man, the Dail man, and the Denisovan jaw are all from a same species. Alot of eternal experts believe that the Dragon man is actually a Denisovan. All the fossils match the Denisovan including the Dali man because of the tooth arrangement. There are still many talks happening all around the world as what will be the scientific name of this new species that is the combination of the Denisovan and the Dali man. Even if this species happen to be a Denisovan there will be alot of confusion regarding the family tree. Denisovan’s DNA shows that their closest cousins were Neanderthals. But this fossil is more closely related to Homo Sapiens that Neanderthals are to Homo Sapiens.

Here is where we realize how our understanding of our own evolution depends on the tech and the methods used to classify these species. Rather than seeing how these fossils look like each other the researchers will be looking into their DNA.

We sure are eagerly waiting to see the results of this new species.

Article by : Haniah Mirza

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