In kannur, kerala afra and his brother muhammed who are being treated for a rare disease, they receive a huge amount for their son’s treatment. Muhammed is a 1year old boy afra was disappointed about the treatment of his brother because for this treatment need 18 crore. Helped raise funds on social media.if one year old boy from kannur wants to come back to life,he can only get the most expensive medicine in the world.

18 crore medicine? What is the medicine for spinal muscular atrophy…

afra has the same situation. Afra,who has been confined to wheelchair for fourteen years. Experts say giving muhammed a dose of solzhensma before the age of two would cure the disease.the family explains that they do not even has 18 crore together..

Few minutes ago in their bank account 18 cr credited with help of all kindness.their family thanking to the all over the world who pray and help for them.

In this world we can confirmed one thing humanity exist from world……

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