Movie Review- The Perfect Date

Movie The perfect date

In olden days love was simple , yet turned out to be the most beautiful one. But as the technology developed and world became modernized day after the other , people expected same out of love. They wanted something unique and exquisite out of love. In this process they fail to understand the real version of their partners. They struggle to unleash the real version of their inner soul to their soulmates(find another word). Most people are attracted by the gifts and gestures by their partners with no clue how they feel about the same. This is the reason why we are getting a feeling that love is complicated.

Driven by Dreams:

The hero is a young high school lad who has 3 important dreams

  1. To get admission in Yale University
  2. To have the most popular girl in the city as his girlfriend
  3. To have his own luxury car
    He works after his school in a subway shop to save money for his education. Disheartened by the fact that he is not able to save enough money for his expenditure , he is desperate to find ways that will fetch him more money. Once he was offered money to take a girl called Celia to a date. That’s when an idea sparkled in his mind. With the help of his friend he built an app where girls can book him for a date with their expectations out of him so that he can match them on the date.


The idea worked out. Bookings started to pour down from all over the city and he was overwhelming with the success. He changed himself everyday according to the expectations of the girl he dates. He also starts to date the most popular girl in the city.But at one point of time he realises he has lost the ones who have loved him for who he was without any expectations. Things he did to bring back things normal and the ways he cherished what he had in his life unfolds thereafter.

Love is all about accepting the person for who they are at the moment . Anything that is force fed will not last longer. Also there is no time for that you must fall in love. You can take your own time to figure things out.

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