The term plastic is used to classify a wide variety of synthetic or semi-synthetic material. Plastic are organic material just like wood, paper or woll. We use plastic products in clothes we wear, house we dwell, mode if transportation we travel in, toys were kids play, the screen we watch. The raw material used to produce plastic are cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil they are corrosion resistant to many substances which attack other materials. The relatively low density and advantages is light weight, have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties . They can easily be moulded into complex shapes, allowing other materials into it ,it balances the properties that can be modified with the addition of reinforcing fillers, colours foaming agents, plasticisers etc. As a result of these attractive properties plastics are being used in many of the places such as packing building and construction healthcare agriculture sports mobility and transportation. Plastic polymeric material that as the capacity of being molded and shaped. Many chemicals namely better known as PET, PVC polyethyleneterephthalate and polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and, poly methyl methacrylate are known by their trademark name. Commodities resins are plastics that are produced at my volume and low cost that is disposable and durable. Member of the plastic speciality resins is the thermoplastic elastomers, polymers that I have the elastic property known for rubber. The plastic can be categorised based on chemical composition one is polymer having only aliphatic carbon atoms in their backbone chain and other is heterochain polymers which contains atom such as oxygen nitrogen or sulfur backbone chain. It is important to that for each polymer there are many subtypes about 20 to 30 variation

How plastic effects environment? They are threatens food safety and quality human health coastal tourism and most importantly contribution to climate change. The plastic pollution is concerned with plastic objects particles in earth environment or earth surface that affects wildlife wildlife habitat or humans. Plastic are inexpensive and durable in making them very adaptable for different users. The chemical structure of most plastics render them resistance to many natural process of degradation and result in slow degrade. It is Estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million of plastic waste enters the ocean some researchers suggest that there could be more plastic than fish in oceans by weight. In some areas there have been in significant efforts to reduce the the prominence free range plastic pollution through reducing plastic consumption.

countries importing the plastic waste often lack the capacity to process all the material. There are three forms of plastic microplastic which have highest density is concentrated around urban centres and water fronts. Plastic can be found of the coast of some islands because of current earning the debris mega macro plastic are found in packing footwear and other domestic items. Primary plastic are in original form when collected but secondary plastic account for smaller plastic that have resulted from degradation of primary plastic.microdebris are plastic pieces between two to 5 mm in size commonly called nurdles which are recycle to make new plastic items and end up breaking into the environment during production smaller causes.

AS a result plastic is affecting the earth and all creators so say No to plastic

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