Course of the Russian Revolution under the leadership of Lenin 🇷🇺:

🔅Influence by the ideas of Kal Marx, Lenin believed that the way for freedom was through mass action.
🔅The social Democratic Party, spilt on the issue of organisation and strategy. Lenin gained the support of a small majority (bolshinstvo), known as Bolsheviks, which became the Boloshevik Party. His opponents, in minority (menshinstvo), were called Mensheviks.

Failure of Provisional Government🇷🇺:

🌟Lenin was in Switzerland when the revolution broke out. Lenin wanted continued revolution.
🌟His slogan of ‘All power to the Soviots’ soon won over the worker’s leader. The people were attracted by the slogan of ‘Bread,Peace and Land’.

🌟The Provisional Government made two grave mistakes. First, it postponed a decision on the demand for the redistribution of land and the other was Government decided to continue with the war.
🌟Frustrated peasant soldiers deserted their posts and joined those who had resorted to land grabbing. This intensified the rising in Petrograd led by Bolsheviks. The government banned Pravda and addressed all Bolsheviks.

Takeover by the Bolsheviks Party under Lenin’s 🇷🇺:

🔅In October Lenin persuaded the Bolsheviks Central Commitee to decide on immediate revolution.
🔅Trotsky prepared a detailed plan. On 7 November the key government buildings were seized by armed factory workers and revolutionary troops.

🔅On 8 November 1917 a new Communist government was in office in Russia. It’s head this time was Lenin.
🔅The Bolshevik Party was renamed the Russian Communist Party.

Outcome of the Revolution🇷🇺:

🔅The Russian Communist Party eliminated illiteracy and poverty in Russia within a record time .
🔅Russian industry and agriculture developed remarkably women were given equal rights, including rights to vote.
🔅Industries and banks were nationalised. Land was announced as social property and was distributed to poor peasants.

🔅Lenin thought the most important factor for the all of Provisional Government was its failure to withdraw from World War. So Lenin immediately appealed for peace.
🔅Unmindful of the harsh terms dictated by the Central Powers, Lenin opted for withdrawing from the War to concentrate on the formation of new government.
🔅In March 1918 the Treaty of Brest – Litovsk was signed.

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