News channels vs News papers

The importance of news is widespread in our daily lives. They are more obliging by updating our cognition regarding the various events and information revolving around the whole world. It allows us to gain a sense of global perspective. It is a form of communication and keeps us engaged about the outer world. Reading news paves the way to connect with remarkable people and happenings. If someone is not aware of what is occurring around him/her would that life be fruitful? We can perceive news through various forms, mainly with the help of channels in televisions and news papers.

News papers

Many of us would embark our day with a cup of tea and the newspaper and there is a charm in doing so by going word by word in detail. It is an integral part of our life . In 19th century, news papers became very common and were cheaply available. It was the initial means which was very convincing to gather information about the surroundings. Newspaper is a printed media and one of the oldest forms of mass communication. Government and other official announcements are done in a newspaper. It encompasses various categories like weather forecasts, political, economic, international, sports, entertainment and other related information. It also highlights the various job opportunities, vacancies, competitive exams, scholarships and many potent local advertisements that other platforms don’t cover up. It enhances our reading capacity and improves the vocabulary. It helps in cultivating the reading habit from an early stage. Reading widens our mind, aids memory power, focus and concentration. Newspapers provides a special section for puzzles/riddles, painting, quiz etc. that fascinates young children. There also carry with them many editorials which are more obliging. We can resort to them any time we are in need of information for articles and secure them. Reading newspapers and collecting facts is a hobby for many. There are many separate editions in line with our locality / district and this becomes more specific to obtain information. In this technical world, though the newspaper in its original form seems to face a threat of existence it still holds it importance and considered as the authentic source of information.

News channels

In the early 20th century technologies started replacing the old labor method of printing. News channels find its way better that reach the people in a more effectual form in no time. Watching news through various channels on TV are more feasible and expedient for many people than reading it on the paper. We can afford news papers just once a day and we have to await for the news updates till the next day, by the time the news becomes stale but in the news channels news are updated instantly each minute with the flashing news headlines. News channels can deeply dive into collecting and publishing information and distinctly deliver them. It helps us to get an explicit and intense idea as we can hear the news and see them with our bare eyes from the exact real spots live through the help of reporters. In the news papers some may find it hard to put with the small letterings and may have to strain the eyes but the news channels are easily accessible for everyone and aids a better understanding with evident videos and proofs.

News channels come with many innovative segments like, interesting facts, health tips, crime stories, political speeches & interviews, sports, cinema, share marketing, biographies of inspirational people, historical places and up to date inventions which allows us to gather information and knowledge more earnestly. When we some of the pathetic situations faced by people that the news channels discover and exhibit many helping hands come forward, and that’s how we survived many hardships like in the flood times and even in the prevalent pandemic with the help of oxygen supply cylinders, vehicle services, food arrangements etc. that saved many lives. So it acts as a bridge in connecting people and building lives.

To conclude more effectively, a combination of both newspapers and news channels are vital to grasp vast knowledge. Both come up with many interesting segments and factors that fascinate various age group of people and are more effectual with their own significances. It is more prominent to catch up with what is happening around us irrespective of the different platforms.