1. Why are you starting the business?

First of all defining the why behind what you are doing is most important, If you aren’t clear about why you are doing what you are doing then its better to quitting that thing.

2. What value are you going to add in other peoples life?

Ask yourself whether you are going to add value to other peoples life, whether you are going to bring comfort in others life. If the answer is yes, then definitely your business will sustain in the market.

3. How well are you mentally prepared to start the business?

For starting a business you need to be mentally strong enough. Running a business includes a lot of problem solving tasks, pressure ,bear losses, patience. Therefore you need to be mentally strong enough to handle all such situations.

4. Is there any easier way ?

Most entrepreneurs think if the problem is hard then there should be a complicated solution to the complicated problem but if your are creating any product then always think how you can make it more easier for its end consumers.

5. Is it really worth it ?

Ask yourself that it is actually worth it doing this particular thing because you are going to spend a lot of time on that thing, I know you can’t predict this too early but being realistic is more important that being optimistic.