Ice hotel ❄️

Hello guys!

Jumping straight in to the topic.Have you ever heard of an ice ❄️hotel?YES ! An ICE hotel when you hear it’s name doesn’t it remind you guys of “frozen”.

Yes it’s really an ice hotel which Melts every year and is also rebuilt every year.

But you may get a doubt that if it’s a ice hotel how can we stay in it won’t it be cold but contrary to our thinking it’s very warm in ice hotel

It working is similar to that of how an igloo works.

This ice hotel is located in the village of jukkasjavari in north sweden.

It is the world’s first ice hotel!!

This hotel’s opening was done in the year 1990 and evey year its been rebuilt from December to April.

In this hotel everything from chairs to beds everything is constructed from snow and ice blocks living up to its name ice hotel everything is being built by ice blocks taken from nearby Torne river.

Creation of every room and even decorations are done by artists who are specially invited.

This hotel’s main attraction is a bar with glasses made of ice and an ice chapel .It is a popular attraction especially for couples.


The bathrooms facilities are buit for guest nearby the hotel.Each and every detail in this hotel is an effort of so many people every year!.

It has been listed as one of the seven wonders of sweden!!


It’s a place which should be definitely visited once when visiting sweden.