Everything comes with its own set of pros and cons. Water, which is very essential for the existence of life, if consumed in excess, can cause problems such as excessive pressure on the kidneys and a hurting stomach.

Similarly, the internet, which has proved to be an amazing friend and has now become a necessity in these times of pandemic, can also swing both ways.

The Internet has made life extremely easy. One can gain any information, of any sort just by sitting at their home. You may live in countries apart from your cousins, but a video call using the facility of the internet can connect you two, albeit virtually.

The pandemic has shifted offline education completely to online platforms and the internet has played an immense role in keeping people busy amidst these tough times. Be it OTT platforms, online games, and stream of favorite Youtubers, people kept themselves busy and saved themselves from the pangs of boredom.

But as mentioned, the internet brings with it some aspects that may harm people’s lives. Some of them are mentioned below along with solutions for the same.

  1. Obesity- A common problem on the rise not only during pandemic times but way before it. Often people ( mostly teenagers) end up spending a good part of the day on devices and the internet, paying little heed to physical exercise, as a result of which they keep on gaining weight and end up obese. Obesity brings with it another set of diseases such as higher risk of cardiac arrest.

What can be done – Parental control is important. Limited time for use of the internet must be set. Children must be encouraged to exercise and play. Parents should lead by example.

2 Unsuitable content-  Many times children or people with sensitive and tender minds come in contact with content that might not be suitable for them. Content that may affect them and also people surrounding them negatively.

What can be done –  Monitoring the online activity of children is important. Devices should be set to block certain sites and content automatically.

3 Digital thefts- Unemployment is a reality and a grave problem. People resort to unfair means for earning money. Digital theft is one such solution they find easy to earn some quick bucks.

What can be done- Educating oneself about the possible frauds and keeping passwords and important information safe is extremely important in this era full of frauds and deceits.

4 Lowering count of readership of books – With the advent of the internet and various choices available in the form of web series, movies, and documentaries, there is a decline in the number of people who read books. Though there exist, people who indulge in reading, the proportion is less as compared to the pre-internet era.

Hence, it is evident that the internet can have some disadvantages too but its advantageous nature outweighs the former. It is our duty as well as a necessity to be aware of the harms of the internet and blend ourselves accordingly.

Good luck!

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