Ozone Layer Depletion and Global Warming

Global Warming is one of the major problems in the current time. We all think that the root cause of global warming is Ozone layer but it’s not true but root cause for both these problem are same i.e., the mundane activities done by we human being that ultimately pollutes the atmosphere. Global warming reason is the excess release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning the coal, oil and natural gases to produce electricity and to run our automobiles. In this modern time people have a notion that everything should be done instantly in more simpler words we can say that we fails to have patience and want works to be done as soon as possible and for this we use cars, bikes and scooters which ultimately deplete the environment. Earlier, the basic means of transportation was walking and riding in bicycle which not only kept the environment safe but also the health of human beings.  

Most recently, carbon is prolonged all around the planets in the form of a blanket and carbon plays the foremost role in absorption of ultraviolet radiation which consists of the bulk of solar system. The depletion of ozone layer take place when chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs)  and halons gases which are formerly found in aerosol spray cans  as well as refrigerants are ultimately released in the atmosphere. The upper layer atmosphere in the ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation which is harmful for every being. CFC’s plus halons forms a reaction that ultimately breakdowns the ozone molecules and reducing ozone’s ultraviolet radiation absorbing capacity. In the upper atmosphere or the stratosphere a hole is formed which gradually deplete the ozone layer. This hole is known as the “ozone hole”, the ozone hole is damaged by solar radiation which is reaching the Earth’s surface and is eventually affecting the life of every single being living in the atmosphere. This damage in Earth’s surface is resulting by causing eye problem as well as skin cancer to people. Since the time of 1960’s the global warming of the lower level of atmosphere is rapidly increasing and is also causing cooling of the upper part of the atmosphere. This warming and cooling is causing ozone loss. As greenhouse gases are increasing massively it is causing heat in the lower atmosphere whereas cooling in the upper atmosphere. This rapid change in the atmosphere is the root cause of all the problems. All these carbon dioxide and other heat gases is rising the atmosphere and is spreading all around the atmosphere like a blanket. All these harmful gases are making the blanket thicker. This thick blanket warms the surface of the Earth and gradually traps more heat in the lower part. This blanket causes heat in lower atmosphere and slowly but surely cooling the stratosphere. All these heat trapping gases are cooling the atmosphere that finally results in ozone depletion. The greenhouse gases works as absorbing the heat and is ultimately warming the surface but they reacts opposite as they prevent heat from rising. The ozone depletion affects the most in the South Pole.

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