“MARCO POLO” Biography

“Marco Polo” was an Italian Merchant he was born in presumably Venice, the Republic of Venice in 1254. His father’s name was Niccolo Polo and mother’s name was Nicole Anna Defuseh. His father was a Merchant.

In 1271 he along with his father and uncle maffeo Polo commenced expedition to Asia they traveled the Persia and Tartary. In 1274, after traveling for the three years, they reached Cathay, Northern China. In 1275 he was chosen to be the official representative of Emperor Kublai Khan and joined the king on various missions, for which he travelled extensively all over China in 1280 he travelled to many parts of the Asian continent and he was subsequently appointed as the governor of one of the Kublai Khan’s cities. In 1292, Kublai Khan got his daughter, Princess Cocachin married. Polo travelled along with the wedding party to Persia in a ship and they stopped in Borneo, Sumatra and Ceylon, among other places. In 1295, after the death of Kublai Khan the previous year, 24 years after he had set on a voyage to china, he returned to Venice with a vast collection of fine jewels, riches and treasures. On October 9, 1298, the Battle of Curzola between Venice and Genie commenced and during this time he was captured and imprisoned for several months. During his time in jail he Shayad accounts of his travel experiences and expeditions with a fellow inmate, Rustichello da Pisa, who later authored the book “The Travels of Marco Polo”. In August 1299, he was released from prison, after which he traveled to his home in Venice, where his family had settled in a big bungalow he settledown in Venice and went on to become one of the affluent merchant’s in the city, who granted loans to other travelers who wished to go out on expeditions. In 1300, the book “The Travels of Marco Polo” was released; the book becomes an instant bestseller and made him one of the most famous figures in Venice published in 1962, the book “Invisible cities”, written by Italo Calvino was based on the cities Marco Polo climbed to have visited and also his experiences in China. The airport of Venice is named the Venice Marco Polo Airport, in his honor. In 1300, he wedded Donata Badoer. The couple had three daughters together, Fantina, Bellela and Moreta. He died in Venice, the Republic of Venice on 8 January, 1324, at the age of 69-70. “MY HEART BEATS AS MUCH AS I CAN BREATHE”.

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