Refreshing k-dramas

K-dramas hold a special place in my heart. Anytime I’m anxious or stressed out, I tend to watch or rewatch my favourite k-dramas as they’re fun and helps me relieve stress. One thing I don’t find fascinating about k-dramas are the cliché choices of few characters and scenes. Some of the most cliché choices would be having a rich male protagonist and a poor, helpless female protagonist, the protagonists most of the time having a childhood connection and how they got separated when they were young but meet when they’re both adults and magically fall in love and of course the “wrist grabbing”.

1) Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo:
Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo was released in the year 2016. The story revolves around Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) who is pursuing her dream of winning the gold medal in weightlifting but then she gets a chance to find love for the first time in her life. She is attracted to a doctor. Even though she works with heavy metal and exercising for her weight lifting career she is also very feminine when it comes to relationships. She understands that balancing both of them could be a task. She has to decide between her career and her love life but she manages to make a balance between them. The characters in this drama are very elite athletes like swimmers and weightlifters and gymnast.

2) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon::
Strong woman Do Bong Soon was released in the year 2017. Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) is a petite and honest woman who is currently unemployed. She searches for jobs everywhere but is unable to get them. Even though she may look small and powerless she is in fact a very powerful women who has been gifted great strength by your and ancestors. Every woman in the family for generations have been gifted this. She does not expose her strength to others but the CEO of Ainsoft, Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Shik) happens to notice this and hires her as his bodyguard. She is in love with her best friend but later in the story would that change?

3) What’s wrong with Secretary Kim:
What’s wrong with Secretary Kim was released in 2018. The show revolves around the protagonist Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) who is narcissistic and perfectionist. He is the vice President of the company run by his family. Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) is of very able and patient and talented secretary of his. She has been there with him for nine years but she suddenly decides to quit her job. This leaves Lee Young Joon perplexed and confused. The question here is even after all those 9 years, is there something more to their relationship or is it strictly professional?

4) At a distance, spring is green:
A distance, spring is green was released in 2021. It’s a story about few young people in their twenties facing problems in universities and how they tackle them. The main protagonists Nam Soo Hyun (Bae In Hyuk) and Yeo Joon (Park Ji Hoon) auto boys with totally different personalities but end up becoming friends from how much to learn about each other. This drama shows the realistic worries students have and how they balance between college life and their romantic interests.

If you’re ever stressed out and need to spend some time relaxing then I recommend these shows. These were just some of my personal favourites.

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