In this living world there is so many authors and writers who are waiting numerous book a day but sill there is no one who had supressed the aptitudes of Ruskin Bond. His is a world class author whose book is going to be remember for centuries.

Ruskin Bond is an award winning Indian author of British descent, much renowned for his role in promoting children’s literature in India. A prolific writer, he has written over 500 short stories, essays and novels. His popular novel ‘The Blue Umbrella’ was made into a Hindi film of the same name which was awarded the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film, in 2007. He is also the author of more than 50 books for children and two volumes of autobiography.

Ruskin Bond was born on 19 May 1934 in Kasauli, Punjab State Agency, British India. His father, Aubery Alexander Bond, was an English teacher and had taught English to the princess of Jamnagar palace. His mother’s name was Edith Clarke and she was a homemaker. He had a sister named Ellen but unfortunately she was died in 2014. Ruskin Bond grew up with his family in Kasauli but in 1939 his father join Air Force so they need to live at Ruskin’s Maternal home in Dehradun.

At age of 8 Ruskin was sent to the boarding school and his mother separated from his father and married a Punjabi Hindu, name Hari. Thereafter his father took him to Delhi and that time his father was his everything. Although, unhappily his father died in 1944 due to malaria disease. After this he started living with his mother and step father in Dehradun.

Ruskin Bond started his elementary education at Bishop cotton school in Shimla. He was a very studious ant intelligent student in his school. He was extra talented in literature and writing. He wrote his first and very short story in 1951 and named Untouchability. He then moved to his aunts home in channel Island in 1951 following his high school education and stayed there for two years.

Ruskin Bond worked for a while in a photo studio while trying to find a publisher for his works. Once he started earning money from his writing, he moved back to India and settled in Dehradun. By this time he was a popular writer and his essays and articles were published in numerous magazines and newspapers, such as ‘The Pioneer’, ‘The Leader’, ‘The Tribune’, and ‘The Telegraph’. He also edited a magazine for four years.

In 1980, one of his most popular novels, ‘The Blue Umbrella’ was published. His increasing fame as a writer caught the attention of Penguin Books. The publishers approached Bond in the 1980s and asked him to write a few books. Two of his previous novels, ‘The Room on the Roof’ and its sequel ‘Vagrants in the Valley’ were published in one volume by Penguin India in 1993. Some of his works have been adapted for the television and films. Bollywood director Vishal Bhardwaj made a film based on his novel for children, ‘The Blue Umbrella’ in 2007. The movie won the National Award for Best Children’s film. The Hindi film ‘7 Khoon Maaf’, is based on Bond’s short story ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’.

Following his best contributions to Indian literature, he has been honoured with numerous awards. However, these awards are nothing against his works but could give an inspiration sign among peoples.

1957-John Llewellyn Rhys Prize

1992-Sahitya Akademie Award

1999-Padma Shri

2014-Padma Bhusan

2017-Lifetime Achievement Award

Ruskin Bond is the name among the authors which is going to be remembered in the whole world history. Not Only for India But all over the world. His books are read by every people from every country. Ruskin has such exclusive and unique writing skills that change the mood of readers. It will be very difficult for other coming writers to surpass his achievement and records.

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