All you should know about the Twitter trend”#ArrestLucknowGirl”

-Aditi raj

A women from the capital of Uttar Pradesh has received a deserving criticism from the public after a video where she has been spotted slapping a cab driver in middle of a road in Lucknow went viral all over the social media. Expressing their wrath Twitter users started trending #ArrestLucknowGirl on the micro blogging site.

As per the reports, the incident took place at the Awadh crossing in the Uttar Pradesh capital on an unspecified date. This video purportedly showing assaulting the cab driver was first posted on twitter by an account named Megh Updates. The caption of the twitter post read” Viral Video: A girl continuously beating a man at Awadh crossing, Lucknow, UP and allegedly damaging his phone in spite of him asking for reason”

The viral video showed the women slapping the cab driver multiple times in front of the traffic police personnel. She kept assaulting the cab driver even as the traffic personnel tried to intervene. Meanwhile, a man could be a heard saying:” Arre badtameez aurat hai yeh “. In the another video, the woman in question has also assaulted a youth who tried to save the cab driver. The youth counterattacked by slapping her.

The sparking outrage and the continuous demand for her arrest by the social media users finally made Lucknow Police to file a FIR against the women. In our nation the pseudo feminism is continuously acting as a toxicant to the society. Women have been provided with so much rights that some of them have started being misused. There are many incidents in our country where women have been caught thrashing men by misusing those rights which are provided for their safety.

Our constitution provides the right to equality which says everyone deserves respect regardless of the gender. The rules shouldn’t be violated by either men or women. Feminism means women should have same rights as men but this should not be mistaken as women should thrash men in order to show her power.

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