“ROBERT BRUCE” Biography

“Robert Bruce” was a warrier and King of Scotland. He was born on 11 July, 1274 in Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire. His father’s name was Robert de Brus and mother’s name was Marjorie, Countess of Carrick. Robert was born into an aristocratic Scottish family. His father was the 6 th Annandale. Robert Bruce would most probably have become trilingual at an early age. In early 1296 Robert married his first wife Isabella of map juice also married Elizabeth. By Elizabeth he had four children David II, John, Matilda and Margaret.

England was at war with Scotland the king of England wanted to capture Scotland and make it a part of England Robert the Bruce had a small Army of Scottish soldiers. They fought 6 battles with England but lost each time. The English Army was much bigger with more resources with them and stronger than Scottish Soldier when King Bruce and his Army lost the 6 th battle they where driven out of their own country the entire Army of Scotland got scattered. The king became a refuge in his own country he had to hide in the forests and caves. Because if the English Army caught him he would be imprisoned. One day when he was lying down on the Rocky bed of a cave hungry and tried, he noticed a spider getting ready to spin a web he watched her fascinated as she worked slowly and with great care. She tried but failed but she did not lose hope and tried again six times she tried and six times she failed King Bruce was amazed. This tiny creature kept on trying again and again Robert find a lot of similarity between the spider and him he also tried to fight the English Army six times and feel just like the spider. Robert the Bruce carefully watched the spider try for the seventh time. If forgot about his own trouble and follow the spider the spider held hair thread and managed to reach the other end of the cave and succeed in the seventh attempt. King Bruce was filled with new hope and courage and thought to himself let me try one more time I just might win Robert the Bruce that that his captured on me together and told just story of the spider to gave them new hope with inspiration. Robert Bruce gathered his scattered army together and told the story of the spider to gave the new hope with inspiration he again built and Army of brave scotsman. A servant battle was found and they managed to defeat the English army in June 1314. The king of England was forced to go back to his own country England finally recognised Scotland as an independent country Robert the Bruce became crowned king of Scott on 25 March 1306. Robert died on 7 June,1329, at the Manor of Cardross, near Dumbarton, at the age of 54.

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