Importance of meditation

In this modern world people might not understand the importance of meditation as we all are busy with our work or we are multi-tasker. But have you ever thought of taking time for yourselves especially those who are work constantly. There are people out there who think that meditation or mindfulness is some woo-woo or they are not meant for it or people think that meditation is for someone who likes to zone out. Let me tell you something mediation is for everybody, anybody can do this. It’s just either people don’t understand this concept or they are too impatient for it.

What is meditation?

Meditation is training your focus and awareness of the present. This might be your breath, thoughts, senses, vibrations ,or bodily movements. By doing this you can learn about yourself and can be the best version of yourself. Meditation is just more than just closing eyes and sitting still. This could help you in many ways like it sometimes completely this helps you to switch into a better mood. This could be great for your mental as well as physical health. There are many more things that mediation can help you with.

Do People ask why we should meditate? how this can change your life? I’m going to tell you some reasons and convince you why meditation is important and how it can impact your life. So that you can guys all can reconnect with your inner self.

Here are some reasons why meditation is important:

(1) Makes you happy

when you do mindfulness positive energy flows thus it increases vibration and makes you happy. Even if you are feeling low you should take time maybe like few minutes meditate then see yourself. You feel much better. This could help you to find inner happiness. This is not only about getting rid of negative thoughts, this helps you to accept and put your past behind and move on ,and getting into positive thoughts. When you are all positive and happy you do better work and be in peace with everyone.

At the end of the day you just want to be happy when you go to bed and wake up all energized. this could be a great impact on your life.

(2) manage anxiety or stress

 Studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin proved that meditation has physiological effects on the brain. For example, researchers found that the part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety shrinks when meditation is practiced consistently. By meditating we calm our mind which reduces stress and helps to control anxiety. When we learn to control our mind we can easily conquer any mental health issues. Whenever you are in trouble take a couple of minutes to meditate and you can see how easily you can take the decision and not to be anxious about any uncertainty in future. This is becoming one of the fast treatments for mental health disorders.

(3) You don’t need to be religious

You do not have to belong to a certain religion to meditate. everybody in this world can meditate. It is all about calming yourself, relaxing, practicing awareness, clearing out your mind ,and many more benefits. It is more about being spiritual not being religious.

(4)It helps to Fall asleep

One who has a sleepless night and stares ceiling at night and tries very hard to get some sleep might be suffering insomnia. Unfortunately in today’s world, many people suffer especially in younger generation. These people can try to meditate at night. Some studies show that it triggers relaxation response which helps to fall asleep. When you meditate your whole body relaxes, your mind calms down, release the entire day’s tension this further leads to relaxation you which helps to sleep.

(5)Sharpen your memory

We all read that by doing mindfulness we get happiness, joy, manage stress, health benefits ,etc. One more reason to do mediation is that it helps to sharpen your memory. When we meditate we train our mind or control to be at present which increases concentration and consequently it will sweep away any distractions in your mind. This clears your mind which helps you to feed more good things into your mind and helps to increase your grasping power.

(6)Reclaim ownership

One more reason to meditate is that you can reclaim ownership. Take some time for yourself maybe like 10 minutes just be chill and relax and do some breathing. This could lead to know more about yourself or even rediscover yourself or analyzing your lifestyle and make some changes or recognize some ideas in your life. When you get to know when you are in proper control of yourself sometimes you recognize new ideas or suggestions into your life.

This could also build confidence in yourself. For some people it is hard to say no. out of fear or being underconfident they say yes to people. It could be hard for some people to be confident and to get what you want and need when you are not considering even yourself once. In a way, mediation helps to slow down and pull apart threads of thought and emotion. When you do this you recognize underlying feelings and needs that might otherwise be squashed by day-to-day activity and unconscious tides of thought. knowing yourself enables you to make judgments and decisions and can make better choices. This makes you confident when you know yourself and say no when without even feeling guilty.

Now the question which comes to your mind is after knowing all these benefits are-

How to meditate?

(1)Firstly keep yourself in a comfortable position.

(2)Perform meditation in a calm places like quite room or garden area where you can connect with nature.

(3)Always sit in a straight position that is your spine should be straight. this helps for good blood circulation in your body.

(4)If you want to do do meditation before bed you can lay down straight, your whole body relaxed either palms facing upwards or near to your heart area.

(5)If you are a beginner don’t force yourself or be hard for yourself to sit long hours. you can start by doing little by little every day. when you get comfortable you can increase time period.

(6)Do some breathing like left and right nostril breathing this calms your mind to the next level.

(7) Be kind to yourself and take time. this will teach you self-love and self-compassion.


Meditation is completely free so there is no harm to give a try. This will only boost your confidence, calms your mind, keeps you away from any distractions, helps you to take the right decisions and be on the right path, spiritual awakening, brings happiness into your life, have a better relationship with yourself. Who doesn’t want all these things in life?

This might be difficult for some people. There is no need to worry about it. There are many ways to meditate. internet is flooded with many ways to meditate, you can choose whichever way you want. You don’t have to sit quiet and close your eyes for hours. try something else. Let this be your rejuvenation time and do not be hard on yourself. There will be days when your mind says no to it remember that it is a self-healing process.

Remember practice makes perfect, so even if you are doing completely wrong there is nothing to worry about. You’ll get this. Just keep practicing.

Once you’ve done that, incorporating a practice of mediation can bring much vitality and value to your life. It is an important tool for greater wellbeing and an enhanced livelihood.


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