Poverty or Unemployment: Which is the bigger problem

According to me, I think between poverty and unemployment, unemployment is the bigger problem, even though there are many reasons, which cause poverty, but unemployment is one of the main and most common causes of poverty. 

A person who is unemployed remains in the never-ending cycle of poverty, due to lack of unemployment. 

Children born in the house of poverty are forced to start working in a very young age due to which they’re not even provided with basic education, because of which they are dependent on the low paying jobs which don’t require education, then they are stuck in the poverty cycle just like their ancestors.

It also causes increased criminal activities, individuals are unable to earn incomes legally, and they turn to criminal activity. Two-fifths of those individuals stated that unemployment was the main reason for their involvement.

The problem of unemployment takes the topmost position amongst all the existing economy related problems. India is a developing country and the problem of unemployment is even harsher on it.

The coronavirus pandemic has further weakened the already crumbled Indian economy since April 2020 and a recovery seems unlikely even in 2021.

In unemployment, people are willing to do a job as per their requirement and qualification but they could not be able to get it. There are limited numbers of jobs in India and youth population is growing day by day. Many people either attract towards same job or not attract towards any job. People who are suffering from the crisis of unemployment have to face various problems like physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse and when they find no way they even commit suicides.


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2 replies

  1. Good article.
    Gainful employment provides so much more than money and that is the key to many things.
    Poverty sucks and I can say that having lived in abject poverty for a time. Poverty is more than just having nothing, it is the baggage that comes with it and the social snobbery of those who look upon you as filth or scum.
    Employment can financially bring you out of poverty while the sense of worth, pride, and hope for a better future comes from being employed.
    For those who have lived in poverty and then managed to rise up and build a better life the lessons learnt are never forgotten just as the attitudes of those who looked down on you or just plain pretended you did not exist can never be forgotten.


    • Exactly, I am glad that you’ve risen up from it and are living a considerably well life.